4 Creative Bottle & Toothbrush Painting Ideas for Kids

Easy Bottle and Toothbrush Spray Painting Ideas for Kids

Kids love to get involved in any activity that involves colours, and spray painting is one such activity that kids of all age groups will enjoy. It is a great summer activity for kids and it is best to conduct this activity outside in an open space. You can use both bottle and toothbrush for the spray painting. Here in the following article, we shall discuss how to do spray painting for kids or how you can do bottle and toothbrush spray painting with your kids.

Spray Paint Art for Children

Spray painting can be done with various spraying objects such as spray bottles and even toothbrushes. In the following paragraphs, we shall acquaint you with both the styles of paintings and also discuss some designs that you can easily help your kids make with these painting styles.

Bottle Spray Painting Ideas

You need a spray bottle for this kind of painting style. The bottle that is usually used by barbers or the one you may be used to spray your indoor plants, can be used too. You can make some exciting spray bottle art for preschoolers with bottle spray painting.

1. A Flower Pattern

You can use any flower shape or floral stencil for this painting.

What You Will Need

  • A flower stencil or a flower cut out
  • Acrylic colors
  • Thick drawing sheets
  • Spray bottle
  • Tape
  • Water to dilute the paint

How to do

  • Take a thick white chart paper and cut to the desired size.
  • Place it on the chart paper.
  • Take the bottle, fill it with water and add desired colour into the water.
  • Spray everywhere on the sheet evenly. You can use three to four colours for spraying too.
  • Once the spraying is over, let it dry and then carefully remove the stencil.

Pro Tip- You can secure the stencil or the paper cut out with a duct tape so that the stencil remains in its place.

2. A Leaf pattern

You can use a leaf which has a prominent shape such as maple leave or peepal leave.

What You Will Need

  • Any leaf
  • Acrylic colours
  • Spray bottle
  • Whitepaper
  • Some water to mix colours
  • Take the paper and place the leaf on it. You can place it in the centre of in a corner.
  • Take the bottle in the water and put any colour and mix well.
  • Carefully spray all over the pattern and in the corners too.
  • Once the paint dries, remove the leaf carefully.

Pro Tip: Use different shades of green for this pattern to give it a realistic look.

Toothbrush Spray Painting Ideas

You can also use a toothbrush for spray painting and it is an easy technique of spray painting for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

1. A Vegetable Pattern

You can use okra, capsicum or any other vegetable with an interesting shape for this painting.

What You Will Need

  • Any Vegetable
  • Acrylic paints
  • White chart paper
  • Toothbrush
  • A palette for mixing colours
  • Some water

How to do

  • Take some colour in a palette and mix it with some water.
  • Place the vegetable cut-outs randomly or in any shape on the chart paper.
  • Dip the brush nicely in the paint and gently spray everywhere on the paper.
  • You can use three to four colours for a better effect.
  • Once your kid finishes painting, lift the cutouts.

Pro Tip- You can place the cutouts in a bunch and later paint the stems on the paper with a brush to make a beautiful birthday card.

2. A Cartoon Design

You can pick up your kiddos favorite cartoon character and make a cut out from it.

What You Need

  • Any cartoon cut out
  • Some acrylic colours
  • White chart paper
  • A plate or palette for mixing colours
  • A toothbrush
  • Some water

How to make

  • Place the cartoon character on the white chart paper.
  • Nicely spray the colour with a brush.
  • Remove the character carefully after the paint dries up.

Pro Tip- You can use two separate shades for the upper and the lower portion of the sheet.

Safety Tips

It is very important to exercise the following safety tips when you paint with younger kids:

  • Do not leave the kids unattended.
  • Use child-friendly colors and paints.
  • Do not let kids handle any sharp objects, such as scissors or knives.
  • Wash off your kid’s hands and face to remove any traces of paints.

You can try any of the above-mentioned spray painting ideas for your kids and make painting a fun learning experience for them.

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