Tips to Answer Uncomfortable Tween Questions

Easy Answers for Awkward Tween Questions

The barrage of questions that come from children can be embarrassing to say the least. Putting them off will only make them get their information from less reliable sources. How to answer your teen’s awkward questions? Give reassuring answers as the honest truth is what they’ll appreciate.

When your little babies are learning to crawl, you can’t wait for them to utter their first words. But, before you know it, they’ve grown up into pesky tweens. This is the time when they start to ask questions that can get a tad bit embarrassing. Questions about bodily changes and dreaded sexual queries can be especially awkward. Don’t shy away – follow these tips to answer uncomfortable questions.

Answering Your Tween’s Awkward Questions Confidently

1. That pubic age!

Your tweens begin to find hair sprouting in places other than on their heads and they turn to you for answers. Remember, they’re still children so calmly respond with words that their young minds are able to understand and accept. The simplest answer is to tell them it’s all part of growing up. That should keep them satisfied, at least for a while!

2. Your daughter sets sail

Your daughter has reached puberty and begins her first menstrual cycle. You’re left with the task of explaining the changes happening in her body. If you don’t really want to go into details, you could start with the basics. Tell her its nature’s way of cleansing and strengthening the body. Once she becomes older, you can explain to her the mechanics of her menstruation.

3. Using sanitary products

Once you’ve explained menstruation to your daughter, explaining the use of pads, tampons and menstrual cups should be a piece of cake. However, what you may not anticipate is to have to explain the use of these products to an inquisitive son. An easy enough answer would be to tell him that just like how he requires extra padding when playing sports and games, so does your daughter. That should kill his curiosity for a while!

4. Boy, oh boy!

As your son grows older, the changes in his body are bound to fire up some embarrassing questions that you’d rather not answer, if you had the choice. Your husband can be the one to satisfy your boy’s curiosity, but if he isn’t around, just remember there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Questions of erections can be answered by telling him that sometimes the genital stands up and it’s all a part of growing up. Topics on masturbation, meanwhile, can be answered by telling him that while the act itself is normal, it’s private.

5. When boy meets girl and girl meets boy

If your kids are at that age where they begun to notice the other gender, it’s time to have a talk. Being overprotective will only make them back away but too much freedom isn’t the solution either. Teach your children to behave with dignity, and treat their partners with respect!

Whatever the questions, the key is to listen to your children without judgement. Don’t let an awkward tween question turn into an awkward moment. Welcome your tween’s concerns with calming assurance. You want him or her to be able to come to you for help, not find it somewhere else.

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