Do You and Your Child Have Compatible Sun-Signs? Find Out How This Affects Parenting!

Your zodiac can have a huge impact on your life and relationships. But, did you know that your stars and planetary positions can also determine what kind of a parent you are and how compatible you will be with your child?

Most of us have been intrigued by what our future holds for us. Many of us take to checking the astrology column in the newspaper daily. How the day/week/month/life will go is a matter of interest for us all the time and that can never grow old. Just like our planets and stars influence our romantic relationships, astrology for kids can tell us a lot about how compatible we are with our little one!

Always wondered why your child never listens to you, or in case he/she is younger, why they never stop crying when you pick them up? Well, maybe the fault is in your stars!

What’s Your Rashee?

To know more about parent child horoscope compatibility, you need to first be aware of which category your zodiac falls under, and more importantly, what your zodiac actually is.

There are primarily 4 elements in the zodiac under which each zodiac sign falls, according to the temperament. These are Water, Earth, Fire and Air. The 12 signs are clubbed in a group of 3 and thereafter every group categorically belongs to a particular element. To know which element your zodiac falls under, take a look.

Baby Astrology Compatibility With Parent

Compatibility is an important factor to assess when people consider zodiac study and seek knowledge. Not just romantic relationships, the relationship between you and your little one can also be understood a little better with the help of astrology. Let’s see what zodiac signs for kids and moms reveal about their relationship and life together!

1. If You Belong to a FIRE Sign (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

A mother belonging to the fire element is usually passionate, creative and eternally youthful. She is always on the move and is certainly every child’s role model when it comes to chasing dreams. Although she is affectionate, she may not be the super cuddly or attentive kinds. But she is the one who will take her kids out for day adventures and teach them the importance of independence and individuality. Fire element moms have the inherent quality of leadership. However, the only flipside to belonging to this element is that you can be restless and busy and that can sometimes instil a negative feeling in the hearts of your kids as they grow up.

  • Compatibility Level (If your child belongs to the same element – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) Since both of you belong to the same element, your qualities, likings and preferences will match to a great extent. You are mostly full of life and enjoy the independence of doing things on your own. Your child will also be vivacious and enthusiastic to take up things and try out new adventures. Together you both are risk takers and born leaders. It’s a really nice combination!
  • Compatibility Level (If your child does not belong to the same element) Your child may appreciate and admire your ambition, but your personality can sometimes seem slightly overwhelming to them. Rest assured, you and your child are going to be a mother-kid duo having endless fun! Your words of wisdom will drive them and backing will always push them. You will always be the light in their life, and when things get low, you’ll lift their spirits up! BFFs for life!

2. If You belong to an EARTH Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Dependable and responsible are the two adjectives that perfectly describe an Earth mom. They are always protective and want nothing but the best for their little humans. These moms are the ones who emphasize on values, ethics and manners strongly and impart healthy and good living values to their children. Family and tradition are as important as family vacations. They sometimes may seem slightly too concerned with their outer appearance. But it is only because they take immense delight in guiding their kids towards a better lifestyle and moulding them into responsible human beings.

  • Compatibility Level (If your child belongs to the same element – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) It is ‘like mother, like child’ concept here – homeliness and traditions are tops! Full marks on the parenting compatibility test as far as stability in your relationship with your child is concerned. Your personality traits will always match and that’s a huge benefit.
  • Compatibility Level (If your child does not belong to the same element) If your child belongs to a fire sign, chances are that you both may have personality conflicts. You may have a text book approach of doing things the traditional way, but your fire sign baby is always looking to explore and go on an adventure.
  • If you have a water baby, they are your friends for life. They will always confide in you and trust you with the best advice. The first reaction to any important situation in their life would be ‘I need to tell mom about this’! That already says a lot!You may be all about traditions, but your baby who belongs to the air sign would just want to flow and that can sometimes cause conflicts between the two of you. However, they will always be in awe of you and appreciate endlessly all the efforts and love you put in bringing them up. You may be at odds at times, but will love each other immensely.

3. If You belong to a WATER Sign (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

If you belong to the water sign, don’t be surprised if they ever call you a ‘super mom’! A mom from this sign is the definition of unconditional love and compassion – always nurturing and full of every maternal trait possible! She has an innate understanding of emotions and is always very empathetic. These moms are (or always wish to be) extremely involved in their kid’s life – right from the first words to the first exam, they want to be involved in every process. However, since such moms are so emotional, they can be quite unpredictable at times too. Her babies are her most prized possessions.

  • Compatibility Level (If your child belongs to the same element – Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) It is always a nice feeling to share the same kinds of emotions and feelings with your child when you belong to the same sign. The compatibility level is extreme and so is the comfort level between a water sign mom and her bub. You both can discuss emotions together and will also love watching the same TV shows and listening to the same music. However, since you both can be quite sensitive about things, misunderstandings can occur occasionally.
  • Compatibility Level (If your child does not belong to the same element) Your baby belonging to the fire sign is free spirited whereas you may always be slightly determined to follow one particular approach. But that does not mean you will not smother your baby with all the love in the world and they will love you unconditionally too! They may get a sense that you are trying to control them, but they soon do understand that you just want to stay connected. Earth kids and water moms is a heavenly match! Your bub is also a little bit of a perfectionist and emotes well. You both will bond over family and tradition, but the best part about your relationship would be that as a mother you will always keep your little one grounded. Water and air can take each other for granted, therefore it is very important to always acknowledge each other’s presence and value in life. Air sign kids like to ‘do’ rather than say how they feel, whereas water sign mums are all about expressions.

4. If You belong to an AIR Sign (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Playful and chirpy would best describe an air sign mum. These are the fun moms of the zodiac and are extremely open minded and forward-thinking. They also value intellectual conversations and believe in self-exploration. The bed time stories they tell their kids are from their own life and perhaps their kids also feel they are the best kind of human beings! Moms belonging to the air sign are the ones who listen, learn, and never judge anyone for trying something new. They let their little ones make their own mistakes but will always guide them on the way.

  • Compatibility Level (If your child belongs to the same element – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) This mother-kid duo is the most chilled out one. You are both easy going and don’t engage in making a fuss out of anything. Because you both get each other perfectly well, it is always easy to communicate.
  • Compatibility Level (If your child does not belong to the same element)An air mom is the wind beneath a fire child’s wings. Literally the BFFs, you and your child just perfectly get each other. She may not solve her kids’ problems entirely, but one can trust her with the best advice that will definitely help.Well, here is a slight concern, your earth kid’s personality may particularly not match with yours and that can cause a certain level of discomfort in the relationship. There might be strange dynamic between the two of you, however you will definitely be there for each other when required. You will both grow together as people, no matter how tough the lessons may seem. Water sign kids are highly emotional, but that does not mean that their air sign mums will always be ‘persuaded’ because of this! They will teach their kids to pull their socks up and move on instead of feeling bad and regretting something that happened in the past. Fundamentally, these two signs have a varied personality, but work well when required.

Now, instead of just reading your own horoscope every morning, make sure you check your little one’s too. After all, you both are a team that sticks together for a lifetime!

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