DIY Play-Doh Butterfly

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly

Summer holidays mean plenty of time to get creative with your little one! And the best part, there’s so much you can learn from each other. So here’s an all-time favourite activity involving Play-Doh. Create your own little butterfly, add a touch of your imagination and get ready to have tons of fun together!

Play-Doh Butterfly

Things you need

  • Blue Play-Doh
  • Green Play-Doh
  • Orange Play-Doh
  • White Play-Doh
  • Red Play-Doh
  • Black Play-Doh


Cut a small part of orange play-doh and roll it out cylindrically in a sausage shape. Cut 4 equal parts from this and roll them into small equi-sized balls.

2. Now, let’s work on creating the body of the butterfly. For this, grab some green play-doh and roll it out evenly such that the ends are slightly tapering and more narrow than the middle.

3. Take those 4 orange play-doh balls and flatten them- two smaller and two relatively bigger in size.

4. Go back to the green play-doh roll and cut it in two small parts. One will be used to create the head of the butterfly while the other one will make up the body.

5. Roll out the part that makes the body in such a way that the top is slightly thicker than the bottom. Press the roll gently to flatten the surface

6. With the other green part, roll it into a mini-marble sized ball to create the head.

7. Now, it’s time to assemble the pieces together. Take the bigger orange disks and place them next to each other leaving some space in the middle. The smaller orange disks will be placed right below the bigger ones. These will make the wings of the butterfly.

8. Take the green roll and place it between the orange disks and stick the green ball on top of the body to create the head.

9. Time to beautify the wings now. Take a little blue play-doh, roll it out horizontally and cut small parts to roll them into beads. Stick these little beads over the wings (orange disks) to make them look pretty. You can experiment with different patterns for this step.

10. Create the eyes by taking a little white play-doh, rolling and cutting it into two small balls. Ensure both are equal in size. Stick them on the head of the butterfly.

11. Roll out a thin strip of the red play-doh to create the antennas of the butterfly. Bend it is a wide ‘U’ shape and place it over the head of the butterfly.

12. To give the butterfly’s eyes more definition, roll out two tiny black play-doh balls (of the size of a seed) and stick it over the white part.

13. There, your pretty little butterfly is ready!

How is This Activity Beneficial for Your Child?

Apart from being a lot of fun, this activity can help with enhancing your child’s fine motor skills as they cut, roll, squish, squash and flatten. It strengthens muscle tone in their little hands. Besides, this also helps in differentiating between colours and builds an inclination towards creative thinking.

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Fun tip: To add a little more colour to the butterfly, you can decorate the wings by using 2-3 coloured beads!

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