Dealing with Fear of Bath in Babies

Dealing with Fear of Bath in Babies

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Some babies are afraid of baths. They are afraid of slipping in the water or they don’t like getting their hair washed or applying soap on their face. But baths are very important to keep them clean and fresh! So, what should you as a parent do to help them get over this fear of bath?

Sometimes, babies become afraid of things they cannot control. They begin to dread baths as soon as they are immersed in a tub of water. However, sometimes the baby may only dread an unpleasant experience he might have had previously, like soap getting in his eyes or his ears filling with water. Every time you take him for a bath, he is reminded of the discomfort and starts crying. A baby’s developmental awareness or change in routine can also trigger off the fear of bath. The good news is that it is entirely possible to help him get over this fear and make bath time fun and smooth for both of you!

Best Solutions to Help your Baby Overcome His Fear of Bath

  • Use Toys to Distract your Child

Fill the tub with water and the child’s favourite plastic toys. Let him play with his toys and while he is distracted, bathe him.

  • Step into the Bath with your Child

This may sound weird, but something that mumma does cannot be too scary for your baby! Your child might be afraid to get into the water, so if you get in the bath tub with your child you’ll show him it is nothing to be scared of.

  • Give your Child a Water Massage

If your child does not like the idea of splashing water, you can gently massage him with water so that he does not feel frightened. Gently massage his hair and try not to let the water get into his eyes.

  • Make Bath Time Fun and a Part of His Schedule

If you create a routine, the child will understand that it is part of his schedule – yes, even if he is very young. While bathing, read him a story or sing him a song. Babies start seeing this as a part of their day and become more open to the idea.

  • Change the Child’s Bathtub

It is possible that your baby’s bathtub is at fault! The child might be bored of the current bathtub or it might be too big for him. Get him a baby bathtub in bright colours and an appropriate size. You can even try to bathe your little one in an open environment like your backyard or a plastic tub in the balcony.

  • For Older Kids, Try Introducing Swimming Lessons

Finally, if your child is old enough, giving swimming lessons can help him in overcoming his fear of water. Once he gets to know how much fun it can be to be in water, he will start looking forward to his bath time and his fear will eventually fade away. Read this guide to get started with teaching your baby to swim.

Sometimes, these methods don’t work on some children. In this case, you need to try to figure out why your child is still afraid of baths. If he is afraid of water due to some mishap, don’t force him into the water. Prefer to sponge bath him and wash his hair gently until he is older. Don’t let water or shampoo seep into his eyes as it can worsen his fear of baths. With time, this fear will reduce on its own, and trust us, it will be hard to keep him away from a garden hose or a swimming pool!

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