List of Coronavirus Helpline Numbers for Indian States & Union Territories

Coronavirus Helpline India – Central and State Wise Phone Numbers for COVID-19

With the number of cases of the novel coronavirus quadrupling across the world, people are being urged to stay indoors for much longer than previously estimated. If you or anyone in your family or neighbourhood suspects that he/she might have the COVID-19 infection, health care professionals must be contacted immediately.

In this article, we are providing you with a list of Coronavirus Helpline Numbers in India. Use them if needed (though we sincerely hope that you don’t have to!).

W.H.O Whatsapp Helpline Numbers for Coronavirus

As a lot of misinformation related to the novel coronavirus was (and is) being circulated on social media platforms, the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) launched a global public helpline number in partnership with WhatsApp.

To avail any information related to this pandemic through this helpline number, all you have to do is text a ‘hi’ on +41 22 501 7615 through your WhatsApp number. This helpline number, which can be accessed by WhatsApp users all over the world, helps people find authentic information related to the COVID-19 coronavirus at the press of a button.

Once you text a ‘hi’ to the above number, you will have access to the latest numbers for COVID-19, news, myth busters, information on how to protect yourself, and more.

To use this service, click here or text ‘hi’ on +41 22 501 76 15 on WhatsApp.

Novel coronavirus

Whatsapp Numbers Provided By The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India

In the wake of the situation, the Government of India has also introduced a WhatsApp helpline number, thus enabling Indian citizens to have access to the right information on the COVID-19 coronavirus.

If you’re looking for information on the novel coronavirus, you can text ‘hi’ on 9013151515 through WhatsApp. You will also have access to all the necessary information concerning the new coronavirus disease.

Central Helpline Number for the COVID-19 Coronavirus

In case of any queries related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, you can contact the following central helpline number –

Central Helpline Number for Indian citizens – +91-11-23978046

Toll-Free Number

You may also call on the below mentioned toll-free number for the same.

Toll-free number – 1075

List of Helpline Numbers of States & Union Territories (UTs) for Coronavirus-related Queries

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has released a list of helpline numbers for all states and union territories so that people can avail information related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. For any queries related to the current pandemic, you can call on the number mentioned against the name of the state or the union territory you live in, in the below table.

Name of the State Helpline Numbers
Andhra Pradesh 0866-2410978
Arunachal Pradesh 9436055743
Assam 6913347770
Bihar 104
Chhattisgarh 104
Goa 104
Gujarat 104
Haryana 8558893911
Himachal Pradesh 104
Jharkhand 104
Karnataka 104
Kerala 0471-2552056
Madhya Pradesh 0755-2527177
Maharashtra 020-26127394
Manipur 3852411668
Meghalaya 108
Mizoram 102
Nagaland 7005539653
Odisha 9439994859
Punjab 104
Rajasthan 0141-2225624
Sikkim 104
Tamil Nadu 044-29510500
Telangana 104
Tripura 0381-2315879
Uttarakhand 104
Uttar Pradesh 18001805145
West Bengal 1800313444222, 03323412600,
Name of Union Territory (UT) Helpline Numbers
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 03192-232102
Chandigarh 9779558282
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu 104
Delhi 011-22307145
Jammu & Kashmir 01912520982, 0194-2440283
Ladakh 1982256462
Lakshadweep 104
Puducherry 104


WhatsApp Chatbox for Coronavirus Related Information Launched in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has announced the WhatsApp chatbox number 912026127394, this will enable the citizens to get coronavirus-related information.

How Can I Interact With the Indian WhatsApp Helpline Number?

If you’re looking for information on the novel coronavirus, this is how you can go about it.

  • First, save the WhatsApp helpline number – 9013151515 in your contacts.
  • Text ‘hi’ on the above number through your WhatsApp number.
  • Once your message is delivered, you will receive an automated response from this helpline where you will have access to emergency helpline number (011-23978046) for COVID-19 coronavirus and a toll-free number (1075) and emergency email address ( for the same.
  • The automated message with also provide you with various options such as: Latest Update on Coronavirus in India; 2. What is Coronavirus and What are its symptoms?; 3. How does Coronavirus spread?; and more.
  • You can send the number assigned to the particular question you want to ask.

To understand more about it, you can click on the links in the automated response.

What Should I Do If I Want to Get Tested for COVID-19?

If you suspect that you may have COVID-19 coronavirus, you need to call on the helpline number 011-23978046 to report that you may have the infection.

The district office shall visit you shortly and if the chances of infection are high, you will be taken for the test in the designated hospital of your city or state. Remember that you can’t use your private vehicle or public transport to go to the hospital, you will be taken in a separate ambulance for the coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus test positive

How Does Self Isolation Help in the Case of the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

Self-isolation is a practice of staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people. In the case of the novel coronavirus, it can prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus from spreading. In these trying times, if you suspect that you have the COVID-19 infection, you should self-isolate yourself.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus infection can take from two to fourteen days to show up, people who may have the infection (or suspect that they have the infection) are being asked to self-isolate (stay at home) for at least 14 days to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You should self-isolate in the following cases:

  1. You have symptoms of the novel coronavirus.
  2. If you suspect you have the infection and before you get yourself tested for the same.
  3. While you wait for the results of the test.
  4. If you are tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.
  5. If you have returned from any country in the last 14 days or more.
  6. If you have been in close contact with the person tested positive for the COVID-19.

Self-isolating in all the above cases can help you save the lives of other people you love and care about.

What Are the Chances That You Will Catch the COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection?

COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection

Your chances of catching the COVID-19 coronavirus infection will depend on the country and city you are in, and whether or not it is (or is becoming) the epicentre of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. As this novel coronavirus is spreading across the world, if you live in a city or area where the disease is spreading rapidly, your chances of catching it will be high.

But if you stay home, your chances of catching the novel coronavirus infection will be less. Furthermore, there’s no need to panic. You can protect yourself by avoiding crowded places and people who are infected with the same, and by staying indoors.

People are repeatedly asked (urged) to stay at home. So do your bit and save yourself and others by staying indoors. And in case you suspect that someone you know has been infected, contact the above helpline numbers for immediate help. Stay safe!

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