When the Two Pink Lines Made Me Happy

The Two Pink Lines Delighted Me!

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The Moment When Your Presence Left Me Teary-eyed!

I can vividly recall that hectic day at the office which soon turned into a good day for me. After a hectic day at the office, I came back home, had a cup of tea and then suddenly I got a call from my mother. My mother had only one particular topic to discuss 24*7. It was plan a baby soon. I usually got frustrated with this question but on that day her question provoked me to think for a minute and I realised that my periods were due. I said nothing to anyone in my family. I picked my car keys and rushed to a chemist and asked for a pregnancy test kit and came back. I checked and there I saw two pink lines on the kit. My eyes had tears in them and for the next half an hour, I sat quietly in my room teary-eyed!

How My Hubby and In-Laws Reacted to the Good News

It was 8 pm – the time when my husband usually reached home from work. He came into our room; I was still numb and that made him worried for a while. He asked, “Why are you quiet? Is everything fine in office?” I finally responded, “Yes, everything is fine and took out the pregnancy checker from my lap and showed it to him.” He did not speak for about a minute and without speaking a single word, he rushed to his mother and said, “Please give special to my wife for the next 9 months as she is carrying a new life in her womb.” My mother-in-law came down to me and put her hand on my head and blessed me. She said not to worry about anything and that she will take care of everything.

The Time for My First Check-Up!

The very next day, my husband and I took an off from our respective offices and took an appointment with a doctor. I was lucky to find a very matured doctor for my next nine months. She advised some compulsory tests in the first trimester and an ultrasound scan. I did all the requirements and most essential ultrasounds helped me see you and your little heartbeat. The day when I heard your heartbeat was the best day of my life!

Your Arrival Made Me Responsible.

Before your existence in me, I was very casual regarding my eating habits and sleep schedule. But when I came to know that you were going to arrive and are in my womb, I transformed into a very responsible human being. My doctor said, “What I eat, you eat the same.” So I became conscious about my daily routine because trust me, I wanted to keep you healthy!

The three trimesters of pregnancy passed by with some ups and downs. But my ultrasounds helped me see you grow from time to time. Your little kicks, when you listened to loud music and moved in my womb made very happy. I could feel your happiness!

It Was an Emotional Day When You Were Set to Come in This Outside World, the World Full of Desires!

I opened my eyes from this dream and found myself in a labour room. All my near and dear ones were waiting outside to hear the good news and trust me I was in severe pain but the happiness I felt with the thought that you were coming somehow helped overlook the pain. Oh my God,”You came out crying and I when I saw you first, I forgot about everything, all the pain I had felt.” I only said, “My baby is beautiful.”

You make me complete with your presence. No matter, how exhausted I get, your little hugs provide me relief and I couldn’t be happier!

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