The Beautiful Journey of Taking Care of a Newborn

The Beautiful Journey of Taking Care of a Newborn

It’s a beautiful feeling when you hold your baby for the first time. But the first three months will be difficult as it will take some time for a new mother to get familiar with her newborn. It’s difficult to understand the cues given by a baby. Take it easy and bear with patience. Please take help from your hubby and loved ones, it does help. There were times when I used to get frustrated. In times like these, it’s better to hand over the baby to someone in your family. You should take your baby when you feel relaxed; it will help you calm down your baby in a better way. When a mom gets irritated even the baby gets irritated. Mostly newborns cry due to hunger, sleep, tiredness, nappy changes. My baby used to cry because of colic pain. These are the tips to ease colic pain –

  1. Massage their tummy
  2. Exercise their legs
  3. Gently rock them and sing lullabies to them
  4. Take them for a walk

They even cry when they feel cold, hot, or are uncomfortable because of their clothes. Keep your baby warm during winters by making him wear a body suit or an extra pair of clothing. They even cry because they want to be held and loved. Do swaddle them as it will make the baby feel warm and relaxed. It even helps the baby to sleep better and longer. It’s okay if a baby cries, relax and be strong. Cherish each and every moment of motherhood. The good news is that after 3 months, it will be fun to spend time with your little one. Babies babble and talk to you in their sweet voice. They can see better and recognize and respond to sounds. They sleep better and mostly develop some naptime patterns. They are more energetic and awake. It’s easier to give them a bath because they grow up a little by then and enjoy their bathing time.

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