My Pregnancy Journey: An Ordinary Story With Extraordinary Emotions

My Pregnancy Journey: An Ordinary Story With Extraordinary Emotions

Dear Kashvi,

The pregnancy test strip showed me that I am on the way to the most beautiful journey. It was motherhood. I was elated and had already started weaving beautiful dreams around my unborn.

I had my first visit to the gynaecologist, had internal examination for the first time in my life, felt weird and nervous, and again wondered how it was going to be when my kid is born.

Morning sickness, numbness, body pain, lethargy, increased trips to the washroom, food aversions, sleeplessness, etc. caused a lot of discomfort. But all of this is ordinary during pregnancy.

I had first felt your movements during my 20th week, but later time it was clear and distinct enough for even a person touching my belly to feel it. Your daddy dearest was intrigued by it, and he used to touch my belly every night at the same time and talk to you, hoping for a kick in response, which happened almost every time he talked.

Cravings for sweets and chocolate ice-cream bars were at their peak. I continued to do all possible work at home as well as my job. Taking a long walk, almost an hour at night, became a daily routine. My doctor had already told me that the baby had turned upside down and taken its position for birth, increasing the possibility of a normal delivery, provided I was active and mentally strong.

I visited the doctor for my routine check-up, and she said it’s time that we have to rush any moment for delivery. We went for grocery shopping and returned in 2 hours, had dinner and went for our routine walk. After coming back, I had a shower and lay down to sleep. It was about midnight. After a while, I felt that I was leaking, and yes, it was the water break.

We were worried and rushed to the hospital. The head nurse checked and said it’s still a long way to go as there was hardly any dilation yet. After waiting for 12 long hours, I heard your cry and your entry in this world made me forget all the pain I underwent!

Regards and blessings,

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