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My baby, this is to let you know how you supported me throughout those beautiful nine months you were in my tummy after four years of ups and downs.

I conceived after a year of getting married to your father. We were planning a baby for four months. When we confirmed the good news, the family was very pleased too. Everyone said the first three months are very important for the mother and the baby. Then, there will be no risk. But, the story doesn’t end here. Sometimes, bad things happen after three months as well.

First of all, I was not eating well because of morning sickness and nausea. I also had no energy to cook food and was too shy to ask the in-laws to cook for me. Then, I lost my balance twice while bathing and climbing stairs. And, one day, I was told that the baby’s growth was affected, and I had pregnancy-related complications.

I sensed something was wrong when everyone told me to wait outside the room after my own ultrasound. After that, I had a painful time getting numerous tests done to save the little one. Unfortunately, I lost the baby. The worst part was that I was asked to delivery my unborn baby in the fifth month of my pregnancy. All dreams vanished, and we all were shattered.

After some time, I was put onto anti-depressant pills for a long time. Your daddy and I prayed, cried, fought with every situation to have you. One day, we met our doctor angel who loved me as a mother. I call her my mother because she is the one who helped me become a mother. We shared our thoughts and emotions, and when I got you in my tummy, we felt complete, and yes, we were scared also. But, this time, I was sure that I would not let you go away.

You proved to be the strongest little angel. We have crossed all the hurdles with so much strength, and you didn’t give me a single reason to cry. I felt super strong during those nine months because my super baby made me a super mom. You are our miracle and strength, baby. Those nine months felt like an achievement, and you are living proof of that.

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