Motherhood – The Rebirth of a Transformed Woman

Motherhood - The Rebirth of a Transformed Woman

Yes, it’s my rebirth!
The transformation is so immense that I am born again.
From a woman who was engrossed in her bustling day to someone who admires you all day long.
From a woman who was well-dressed all the time to someone wearing wet loose gowns with her hair untied.
From a woman who was well-organised in everything she did, to someone who is not bothered about the mess in her house.
From a woman who spent time reading medical books and articles, to someone who is lost in reading parenting blogs.
From a woman who enjoyed eating each meal, to someone for whom eating has become a task to complete.
From a woman who was lost in naps, to someone who is on ‘alert-mode’ the entire night to be there for you.
From a woman whose bed was filled with chargers and books which have now been replaced by diapers and wipes
From a woman who expects her husband to respond to all her chatters to someone who can speak endlessly with you, without awaiting a response.
From a woman who was pleased with happy faces to someone who is overwhelmed with a single look of yours.
From a doctor to an amateur writer now,
I am enjoying the new ‘me,’ losing myself in your milky scent, feathery hair, adorable smile, stretchy body movements, ten little fingers and toes and what not!
Yes, I gave life to you, but honestly, you gave me mine!
My little human,
I wish I could freeze time at this moment where the two of us are lost in our heavenly world, different from the rest of the world !! Let me love you to the fullest before you are no more little.

Motherhood is messy, tiring, challenging, but magnificent indeed!

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