Live and Let Live: The Marriage Mantra in My Life!

Patience, understanding, and respect for your partner are the bases for a strong foundation of marriage! Most importantly, not forcing your ideologies on the other, and living in our own unique way, is important for a happy married life. My husband and I stick to this principle, and are enjoying our marriage.

After our baby came, we still take out time to enjoy the moments we can spend together. Being a mum, it’s tough to lend an ear to what is happening around us. It’s important to catch up from time to time as partners or friends, and empathize with challenges we face individually. The words we speak to each other are very important in maintaining a good, healthy environment at home.

There have been times when patience has run out, and that’s why it’s necessary to take “me time”, dwell upon what’s going on, and how to amicably resolve the issue. Venting is essential to a relationship, but it should be for both partners to maintain a balance.

Be sure to live and enjoy the small moments that make a relationship wholesome! Break into dance on your favourite song, smile at each other whenever you catch a glimpse; it could be a cheeky, flirty, or cute one. Surprise each other, have fights like kids. Do stuff that adds a zing to the daily humdrum of your life.

Even if there are misunderstandings, fights, or silent phases, make sure to clear it out with your partner. because when you look at the bigger picture, you are going to live together for rest of your lives. It’s necessary to be mature and understanding. Life is too short for huge fights over small things.

It’s also very necessary to be smart in a relationship, and be able to handle tricky situations.

A relationship is also about give and take, and it’s really important to give more than what you take from a relationship. Also make sure that you convey your thoughts clearly to your  partner. Silence will always confuse the other, and can create more misunderstandings. Open and clear communication is a mandate for a happy, fruitful marriage!

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