Our Journey - From Free Birds to Responsible Aai and Baba!

Our Journey – From Free Birds to Responsible Aai and Baba!

Hello everyone! I am a working woman, and also a mother. Being a mother is very special, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes, when I am around my child, I forget I have one more child – my hubby. It’s a different situation when the person who was your first priority becomes secondary. Now, everything is about the baby. Whether It’s grocery shopping or family outing, the first thing that comes to my mind is what about Advaith, my son.

My husband, Shreekant and I were free birds before our son was born. Everything was just about us – our love, bonding, etc. etc., but now things are different. Our day starts with preparing tiffin, then baby food, getting ready to go to the office, then coming back and making dinner, then waiting for Advaith to go to sleep, and till we try to spend time with each other, my husband already goes to sleep. Sometimes, despite being so tired, when I see Advaith and his smile, I feel a sudden surge of energy and start thinking about what I should cook for him. I love those moments!

We don’t get much time to spend with each other. Everything starts and ends with the baby – his medicine, his clothes, food, everything!  But still, we have a great bond. Now, as Advaith is a year and a half, we are thinking about his school admissions. Sometimes, I think time flies so fast it feels as if it was yesterday, I was holding my cute little baby in my arms. And now, he is ready for school. I have seen a big change in my husband, too. He has kept his social and outdoorsy life aside and become a responsible father. From changing diapers to bathing the baby, he does everything. And for that, I feel very lucky!

And, I want to express my love for my son through these words.

My dear, sweet boy,
I’ve seen it all,
From your first kicks,
To your first kiss.

You might think right now,
You know it all,
But I’ve seen more of you,
Than you ever knew.

A Mother knows her son,
Better than anyone ever could,
Because I gave you life,
And help you shine your light.

We Go Together Like Mother and Son. Being parents of this hyperactive baby is a rollercoaster ride, and we are enjoying it a lot. Thanks, Advaith for blessing us.

I love you, son,
Like no one else,
Only you and I,
Verified, love personified.

Every single moment I’m with you,
I feel that love,
Sensing you feel it too,
Only a mother’s love
Nourishes your soul!

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