Grandparents Day 2023 - The Importance of Grandparents in a Child's Life

The Importance of Grandparents in a Child’s Life

My daughter and I went on a short vacation to my parent’s house. After spending 2 weeks with her maternal grandparents and coming back to the valley, the very first thing I noticed is that my daughter has developed emotions for her grandparents. Two days after reaching home, we video called them. And when she spoke to them, I realised that she was emotional. I had never seen her emotional side. She started sobbing and was very emotional.

They say history repeats itself, and I realised it in that moment. I could relate to this situation. When I was a child, I was raised wholeheartedly by my grandparents (nana nani) until the age of 3-4. At that time, whenever someone said, let’s go home now and I used to realise that I will have to leave my grandparents, I used to be very sad. I am sure that most of you must have shared the same bond with your grandparents and loved them greatly!

Childhood memories are always special and I remember the time spent with my nana nani and dada dadi with great fondness. Those memories are imprinted so well that they seem unforgettable. Honestly, my nani and nana were more important to me than my parents too.

In this time and age, a majority of people live in nuclear families because of their own valid reasons, but the kids who get the chance to live with their grandparents are really fortunate. We live far from our families and that’s why my daughter doesn’t get the chance to grow up under the guidance of her grandparents. But my husband and I make sure that we take her to her grandparents’ place and call them to our place whenever it’s possible. We want her to bond with them. We also make sure that our daughter interacts with her grandparents over the video call frequently.

Thanks to the technology that has made it possible for us to connect with our loved ones easily. My daughter will turn 3 this year. As per her age, she has achieved all the milestones and is capable of sharing each and everything with me. But at this stage, whenever I have to leave her at home and go somewhere, the only people, apart from my husband, I trust is her grandparents. I know I can leave her with them with full confidence.

As parents, I feel it is our responsibility to educate our kids about the valuable relationships they have in their life so that they grow up to be good individuals and have a sense of love and respect for their elders.

If you have your grandparents, I request you to make some time for them as one day you will also become grandparents and will crave for spending time with your grandchildren because history repeats itself.

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