"I Am a Soldier, Proud to Die"- A Tribute to Our Martyred Soldiers

“I Am a Soldier, Proud to Die”- A Tribute to Our Martyred Soldiers

Here I have made an attempt to write short poems just to express my gratitude towards our soldiers whom we lost in Kashmir….
?The day I was born
Almighty had planned my mourn,
Born to be a soldier
He decided my dire future,
I will be a unicorn
For my kids, family and the known,
My diary will have a few pages
Rest to be inked in red, unknown…
I shall leave you all soon
This may not be a boon,
But pray for my soul
Not to rest in peace,
Instead to be a soldier
In every life, I breathe…
In every life, I breathe…
?A Tribute to Every Soldier
Tears rolled down her cheeks
Trembling lips could not speak,
Feet were glued to the floor
A step forward she could not move,
A shiny thread in her hands
Far was a body wrapped in Indian flag,
“Could I, for one more time tie it on thy hand
Could you, for one last time hold my hand”,
Alas! He was there lying still
Her eyes were wet and her heart sank,
He was a soldier, salute him
A voice she heard, so dim
He was a soldier, salute him
A voice she heard, from within….
Hopefully, you all can easily relate with the same and have the same feeling … At last, but not the least …. the question I  have …
This world would be a better place if…?
Do you have an answer ??
I believe ” If we timely teach the culprits
the barbaric lessons of life … “
Do comment and let me know …
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