How Meditation Helped Me Heal After Delivery

Delivering a baby is one of the toughest tasks for a woman. Being a mother is not easy. I was excited to have a baby and had planned a lot. Day after day, I planned for other things. There were a lot of dos and don’ts that I had to follow for the little one who was going to come into this world. I had lots of ideas for my baby. Days passed and finally came the day I had been waiting for. I was admitted to the hospital and after some time, I heard my baby crying. I had a smile on my face and I fainted.

Taking care of a baby seemed easy when I used to look at other moms taking care of their babies. But when it came to taking care of my baby, I was a little puzzled. I was unable to adjust to the new scenario. It was a drastic change to be surrounded by a baby always and the changes that my body was undergoing were not pleasant at all. I experienced a lot of pain.

The only thing left in front of me was darkness. I used to cry and feel lonely, but my family supported me and gave me the courage to work on myself and heal. Meditation helped me a lot too! It proved to be the best tricks to come out of depression and be the best mom.

This was the time when I was not attracted to my baby at all, and today is the time I can’t stay away even for a second, from my baby. All women go through this phase. When you become a mother for the first time, you have a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ moment, but not everyone has people to support them. But I assure that meditation is the best remedy for everything. It can heal you and make you happy. It can help you accept the change and be comfortable with your baby.

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