Important Tips for New Mothers

Important Tips for New Mothers

Ecstatic, that is how I felt when I held my baby for the first time. It has been five weeks since then and the feeling still remains. My heart still skips a beat when she smiles at me. Well, you do not really need a reason, it’s everything— the way they interact, play, sleep, and we tend to find reasons to cuddle our child and say I love you.

So becoming a mother for the first time, this is how the experience was for me. Honestly, the journey wasn’t simple. I was slightly impatient during the third trimester of my pregnancy, and now there are times when I feel that it was better then. I had my moments of uncertainty, emotional outbursts and irritation of not knowing what to do. Here are some tips that helped me cope with the challenges I faced.

1) Do not wish to be perfect

You hear this many times,”Strive to be a happy mom and not perfect”. It is really imperative to follow this advice. You cannot do everything perfectly, set restraints on what is achievable and dismiss what is too ambitious.

2) Garner all the help you can

Though you might feel that you want to be there with your baby at all times, it is practically impossible to do so. There are times when you haven’t slept all night and badly need some sleep. It is always important to let the child get comfortable to the touch of at least some family members. At times, let someone other than you put them off to bed, or walk them around the house, and play with them

3) What to do and what not to do

I am sure all new moms these days face this constant conflict between traditional practices that our mothers, grandmothers have followed, and then doctors’ advice  to avoid these practices. Keep yourself open to options. Research on the pros and cons of each alternative and make an informed decision.

4) Take some me time out

While this phase of motherhood is very busy, still ensure that you take some time out for yourself. Use this time to do things that make you feel better. You can plan for this by making a simple timetable or chart of the feeding and sleeping schedule of the baby. After four-six days, you will start seeing a pattern emerge and you can plan accordingly.

It is also important for you to be vocal about your needs, ask for what you need without having the guilt of being self-centred. Do whatever it takes for you to feel refreshed. If you do not feel good, things will only be difficult for you.

5) Create memories

Between the pressure of doing it all right, we tend to get carried away and end up focusing only on taking care of the baby. However, it is equally important to create memories. Don’t let this time pass by—make a photo album, plan a simple photoshoot at home. If your family members are away from home, video call them regularly. If you tend to stray from the typical, research for innovative ways to record this unique and wonderful experience with your child.

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