Babycare During Covid - The Himalayan Task for Mothers!

Babycare During Covid – The Himalayan Task for Mothers!

Babycare has always been a Himalayan task for parents. And, in the current covid conditions, it is going to be tougher, as it needs more effort. Working moms are the ones who might be getting affected more. Still, we can see mother’s who are not taking this condition seriously. Babies need extra care these times.

In the case of working moms, as they have to go outside daily, they have to be more careful about themselves. They have to make sure that they are not becoming carriers. They must be extra vigilant in masking, sanitizing and distancing. Once they reach home, they must keep their belongings separately where the baby cannot reach or outside the house, head to the bathroom and take a shower, wash their clothes and only then go to their baby. They should also never kiss their babies. If possible, they must try to wear masks while coming in contact with their babies and always make sure their babies never come in contact with anything you take outside.

Wash your hands at regular intervals, even if you are not going outside, as your hands come in contact with a lot of things, which might have the virus. Always wash everything that comes to our house from outside, whatever it may be. Try to clean the areas where babies usually come in contact. In case they touch something from outside, wash their hands immediately.

Grandparents, siblings, everyone loves to play with babies. Allow that after making sure about their safety. Those who come in contact with babies must be clean and sanitized.

And the most important thing – Never allow any outsiders to come in contact with your baby. Practice saying No politely and explain the reason. They will surely understand as the whole world knows the reason behind it.

Babycare needs more effort these days. You need to be more vigilant and careful these days only for your baby. Others will understand. Through our safe, caring hands and lovely restrictions, our babies can get through this pandemic safely.

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