Building Interest of Your Child in Your Faith

Building Interest of Your Child in Your Faith

How did we get our little one so interested in gods and goddesses? This is a topic I get asked a lot. While we had always intended to raise our child in our faith, we had no idea he would be so interested.

We’ve sought to incorporate religion and culture into our daily lives since the beginning. We used to play a particular Ram Ji Bhajan for him when he was a baby, and we’ve also told him stories about our faith. It’s been a long and winding road. I believe this is because we have sought to include religious and cultural stories into our everyday routine rather than treating them as a learning lesson. It’s become such a natural part of our lives that it’s never seemed like a task.
Read on to learn about some of the ways we’ve incorporated religion into our everyday routines at home, as well as how you might promote your child’s interest in your faith.
  • Daily Practice
Find something you can do together every day, whether it’s lighting a diya in the morning, saying a bedtime prayer together, or performing family meditation. Daily routines allow us tofeel as if our efforts are a natural part of our lives, rather thanversus feeling really bad for forgetting or not doing “enough.” Every morning before we start our day, we do “jai jai” say good morning, and say a prayer at home.
  • Correct Explaination
I personally avoid using the phrases “myth” or “mythology” when discussing our religion and its teachings because I believe they cast doubt on its legitimacy. Many of these events are believed to have occurred throughout time,, and like with anything reported or passed down down the generations, they may have changed slightly or been exaggerated. 
  • Make it a family effort
Seek the help of grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Take advantage of the wonderful link that exists between grandkids and grandparents by having your parents teach them religious stories and lessons.
  • Get children involved in festivals and celebrations

Make certain that your child is involved in the planning of a festival. To help your child feel a sense of belonging to your faith, take him or her to a place of worship.

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