How to Stay Active and Fit During Pregnancy

How to Stay Active and Fit During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the best and sweetest experiences of every woman’s life. Seeing oneself growing on a weekly basis is quite interesting, but it may become stressful sometimes when changes in the body start showing some weird symptoms like numbness in fingers, feet swelling up, and acidity. With every trimester, I faced a new symptoms for about four days. Coping up with them was a skill that I learnt. Here are some changes I adopted during pregnancy.

  • First thing, I made a rule to drink ample amounts of liquid in any form (juices, chach, lassi, milk, and water). However, I had an urge to pee every second, which definitely made me feel irritated at times.
  • The second was to do breathing exercises daily. I would do them for 10 minutes early in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.
  • Keeping myself active throughout the day with work and walking for 1 hour was another thing that helped me avoid sleepless nights, that I had heard are common among pregnant women.
  • Keeping pillows under my legs and putting footrest under my feet while sitting, helped prevent swelling.
  • Placing a pillow behind my back while sitting and trying to keep my back stretched upright prevented backache. Also, doing the cat and camel exercises for 5 minutes daily was a great saviour for me.
  • Climbing stairs daily was a part of my routine for the first trimester. After that, I climbed stairs carefully but came down using a lift. However, this helped me maintain the strength in my legs. Women who are going to work, if you have 10-15 stairs, then climbing them up slowly without getting out of breath is the healthiest way to improve circulation, and this will help in the growth of the little one in your womb.

I hope, sharing these prenatal care tips that I followed throughout during my pregnancy will also help all the pregnant ladies out there. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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