9 Signs & Symptoms of Teething in Babies

9 Common Baby Teething Symptoms

Babies are the cutest when they smile and that cuteness is further amplified when there’s a tiny little tooth growing in their mouth. When the first tooth of the baby starts making its way outside the gums, the process is termed as teething. However, the process is not painless for the little one. Once you know the right sign, you can be prepared to handle what’s coming next.

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Baby Teething Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Teething in Infants

Here are the signs and symptoms of teething in infants.

1. Increased Biting

As the tooth starts emerging from the gums, the pressure it exerts can irritate the surface of the gum. In order to tackle it, babies may start biting on their favourite toys or try to chew their own fingers by biting down on them.

2. Reduced Appetite

The process of teething is painful and may cause babies to be upset. All they can think about is relieving the pain. This ends up with the baby refusing to eat or drink anything at all.

3. Increased Drool From the Mouth

This is one of the giveaway signs that baby is teething. Excessive drooling starts taking place around this time. This may result in your baby having diarrhoea. All that poop in the diaper could result in a diaper rash, making the baby even more upset. Clean the diapers regularly and if you observe any pus in the stools, inform your doctor.

Increased Drool From the Mouth

4. Mouth Rash

Another effect the drooling has is that the area around the mouth constantly stays wet. This starts irritating the soft skin in the area, resulting in a rash. This can be around the mouth, on the chin, and even the neck or chest areas, wherever the drool might have dribbled down. A lot of wiping can aggravate the rash, so it is important to use soft baby wipes to keep the area dry.

5. Increased Sucking

Your baby will try every trick he knows to alleviate the weird pressure felt on the gums. Combined with biting, most babies also have a tendency to suck on anything they can find. Just make sure that anything that the baby puts in the mouth is clean and hygienic.

6. Pulling of Ears

The ear, nose and throat are all connected to each other. When teething starts occurring, the pain that babies feel in the gums can sometimes manifest in weird sensations in the ear. At times, pulling the ear can temporarily reduce the pain and the baby might get used to it. This results in him constantly trying to pull his ears.

Pulling of Ears

7. Lack of Sleep

All that pressure on the gums and pain in the mouth doesn’t make it easy for the baby to fall asleep. The day naps and the night sleep all end up broken and the baby will constantly be restless and unhappy that he cannot sleep.

8. Irritable and Upset

When the baby tries everything possible to reduce the pain and does not understand why it is happening in the first place, he starts getting cranky and cry for no reason whatsoever. The smallest things can get babies irritated and they might even throw toys around. Cuddle and make him feel loved so that he calms down.

9. Fever Due to Teething

When it comes to baby teething symptoms, fever is one of those that is immediately noticed by the parents. This is nowhere close to an actual fever and the body is only slightly warm. Use a thermometer to ensure the body temperature of the baby is within safe limits. If the temperature is more than 100.4 degrees or the fever stays for extended times, the cause could be an illness or an infection and it is best to contact your doctor right away.

Fever Due to Teething

Various signs of baby teething at 3 months can give you an idea of what’s to come. Your baby will start discovering he has teeth now and will want to chew on and try newer things. The path towards that is riddled with a little bit of pain and a lot of crankiness. By taking small precautions and keeping your baby engaged to distract him from the pain, these days of teething will be quickly behind you.

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