Almond Oil For Baby Massage – Benefits And Precautions


Almond oil is one of the most popular choices among parents for massaging their cute ones with. Almond oil is enriched with vitamins A and E, fatty acids and also a few minerals. All these properties make it a desirable oil for massage, not to mention the amazing benefits it is packed with. However, certain precautions are also advisable while choosing the oil and applying it to your baby.

Is Almond Oil Safe For Babies?

Most of the parents will have this question in their heads, and it’s totally natural to raise such concern as you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. There are two varieties of almond oil available- bitter and sweet. Sweet almond oil is more popular than its counterpart because sweet almond oil is edible so there is no harm even if your baby ends up putting his hands in their mouth. In other words, sweet almond oil is totally safe to use on babies. However, bitter almond oil does have the potential to cause poisoning and must be avoided.

How To Do Baby Massage Using Almond Oil?

As we discussed above, providing baby massage is good for their health. However, like other things, massaging babies requires proper care, and it might seem difficult for you if it’s your first child. Below is the step by step explanation for your reference and ease:

  1. First of all, pour few drops of almond oil onto your palm then rub your hands to spread it across your palm and warm it. Thereafter, starting with leg, place your hand around one of the thighs and gently pull your hands down to the feet. Repeat this and switch to the other leg after sometime. Make sure that you massage the soles as well. The same technique could be used for arms and hands as well.
  1. Move to the chest. Join your palms together and place your hands (pinkie finger facing down) over the centre of the chest of your baby and then move your palms outwards towards the shoulder. Repeat it 3-4 times. Thereafter, place your hands (palm facing down) over the centre region and stroke/massage slowly towards the stomach. Repeat it 2-4 times.
  1. For back massage, turn your baby over and allow him or her to lie down on their tummy. Place your palms just below the neck and stroke down slowly with one hand and then another one towards the waist. All you have to do is just follow the spine but make sure that you don’t rub the baby.
  1. To massage the ears and face, just pour a few drops onto your palm and after rubbing the oil in your hands, follow upward and outwards strokes on the face.
  1. For a head massage, apply a few drops of oil on the scalp and rotate your palms gently on your baby’s head. You don’t need to apply pressure while massaging the head, instead just pat the head.
  1. Finally, make sure that throughout the process of massaging you use your hands gently.

Benefits Of Almond Oil Massage For Baby

Choosing a good oil for your baby’s skin is important. Almond oil is a good source of vitamin E and is quite a popular choice among parents. You may wonder, ‘Is almond oil good for baby’s skin?’

Below are the benefits of using almond oil for your baby will clear all your doubts.

1) Relief From Cradle Cap: Cradle cap is a common inflammatory condition among many babies. To treat yellowish, greasy, crusty skin patches, gently applying the almond oil on the affected area.

2) Effective Moisturizer: Almond oil gets absorbed faster in the skin which prevents dryness of skin and keeps your baby’s skin soft and moisturised.

3) Prevent Skin Problems: Almond oil is the rich source of vitamin A, B2, B6 and E, all of these keeps skin problems such as, eczema, soreness and rashes at bay, keeping your baby’s skin soft and smooth.

4) Soothing Effect: Almond oil improves the blood circulation in your baby, soothing his or her tired limbs and strained muscles.


5) Better Sleep: A gentle massage with almond oil can relax the body. It induces better sleep as almond oil has the properties which improve blood circulation.

6) Non-Toxic:  As mentioned above, sweet almond oil is edible. Hence, its non-toxic properties make it perfectly safe for massage.

7) Emollient Oil: Babies have very sensitive skin and require adequate nourishment. Almond oil works as a natural moisturiser due to the presence of linoleic and oleic acid in it.

8) Hair Nourishment: Almond oil is the good source of vitamin E and magnesium which is helpful in nourishing your baby’s hair growth and at the same time, prevents hair fall. Massage with almond oil for baby hair nourishment.

9) Easy To Use: Almond oil has a light texture which is easy to spread over the skin. Lukewarm almond oil is even easier to get absorbed in the skin.

10) Pleasant Scent: Unlike other oils, almond oil has a pleasant smell, which is a delight to senses.

11) Good For Bones: Presence of Vitamin D and calcium makes almond oil a perfect source to strengthen your baby’s bone.

12) Induces Better Digestion: Almond oil is also known for its laxative effectsMassaging baby’s tummy with lukewarm almond oil will help improve digestion.

13) Removes Impurities: Massaging with almond oil will remove impurities and dead cells from the skin by removing the excess oil from the skin.

14) A Natural Sunscreen: Almond oil contains SPF 5 which protects from harmful sun rays.

15) Skin Fairness: Massaging with almond oil for baby skin fairness is a common practice due to the tan reducing properties available in the almond oil.

16) Improves Complexion: Even though complexion does not make any difference, but sometimes you might be in need to improve the complexion due to suntan or any such reason. Massaging with Almond oil for baby complexion is widely used practice as the vitamin E present in almond oil is known for its skin whitening properties.

17) Winter Care: Almond oil is the best moisturizer for winters. Since babies often have sensitive skin, their skin tends to get dry, especially the facial part. Almond oil for baby face is the best remedy against chapped and dry skin during winters.

18) Promotes Lush Eyelashes: Rich in vitamin and magnesium, almond oil is one of the best options to promote gorgeous looking eyelashes in babies. Ensure that oil does not enter their eyes.

19) Healthy Nails: Almond oil contains zinc and potassium which promotes healthy and shiny nails in babies.

20) Immunity Booster:  Almond oil is a great immunity booster as well by keeping the infections at bay.

Precautions To Take When Using Almond Oil For Massaging A Baby

Now that we know how to massage a baby let’s look into precautions one needs to take when using oil for massaging a baby.

  • Some people who suffer from severe nut allergy may show some signs of allergy when they touch nut or nut product. So, if you have a history of nut allergy in your family, then you better avoid using almond oil for baby massage. If you still want to use it, then just apply a drop of almond oil and wait for 2-3 days. If there’s no sign of reaction, then you may proceed, however, taking an expert’s opinion is always recommended.
  • Always be careful of expiry date before buying as well as using.
  • Excess oil may result in skin rashes. So, if you are not planning to give a bath after the massage, make sure that you wipe off the excess oil using a clean napkin.
  • Ensure that oil does not enter eyes, ears, nose or naval, as it might cause infection in your baby.
  • Do make sure that you wipe your hands before picking up your baby because it might cause an accident if your hands are slippery. Likewise, ensure that there’s no excess oil on your baby’s body for the same reason.

Almond oil is the one of the best massage oils for your baby because of its multiple health benefits. More importantly, it is pocket-friendly and is easily available in the market. Alternatively, you can even order it online as well.

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