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adhd positive effects

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ADHD has its negative effects – where it can be disruptive to normal life of children and adults suffering from this condition. However, there are positive effects of ADHD which have been brought to light as well.

Living with ADHD as an adult or a child comes with some challenges, but it is not completely bad. Yes, you need to work around some of the symptoms of ADHD like inattentiveness and hyperactivity, but the condition comes with special qualities that are desirable like creativity and intuition. By channeling these symptoms into positive direction, you can convert the weaknesses of ADHD into strengths.

Positive Effects of ADHD

Many people with ADHD are highly alert and intelligent. They are gifted and these exist alongside ADHD. Many people with ADHD feel they can think out of the box and sometimes credit it to their ADHD. However, intelligence is not directly related to ADHD, but the symptoms of ADHD can fuel the intelligence positively if correctly channeled. Here are some of the positive sides of ADHD.

1. Creativity

Children with ADHD are usually exceptionally creative and imaginative. A day dreaming child has several different thoughts at once. He can solve problems, have a fountain of ideas or can be a very inventive artist. Children with ADHD, though easily distracted, might be attentive to things which people cannot normally see.


2. Flexibility

Children with ADHD consider a lot of options at one go. They do not have one option to go with, rather, have several alternatives to choose from. They are always open to different ideas.

3. Spontaneity and Enthusiasm

There can never be a dull day around a child or adult with ADHD. They are interested in several different things and are very full of life. They can be a lot of fun to be with when they are not tiring you out. Living the moment and not worrying about the future is something we can learn from a child with ADHD!

4. Energy and Drive

When motivated in the right direction, children with ADHD are driven to play and work hard. If the task that interests them is interactive, then hands on it might be difficult to distract them from.

ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence or talent. Children with ADHD are more often than not, intellectually or artistically gifted. Problem-solving, creative, spontaneous risk takers are the best ways to describe a child with ADHD when you channel their energies in a positive manner.

Some of the best brains in history like artist Vincent Van Gogh, author Virginia Woolf, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and inventor Thomas Edison, are among others who have been diagnosed of or displayed signs of ADHD. Each person has their own definition of success. Embracing their ADHD traits has allowed the famous personalities to embrace success. Identifying and nurturing these positive attributes can empower a person with ADHD to accomplish great things.

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