Tips on Using Acupressure during Pregnancy

Acupressure for Back Pain during Pregnancy

Acupressure is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that involves applying pressure using hands, thumbs, fingers, or devices to stimulate specific parts or points on the body that correspond to specific organs, emotions or sensory receptors.

This therapy is similar to acupuncture but does not use needles. It can be done by a professional or can be self-administered. Certain devices such as, wristbands are available that allow people to exert pressure at a certain location for a particular outcome.
Acupressure is believed to be very helpful in relieving morning sickness, gestational diabetes, heartburn, constipation, fatigue, back pain, premature cervical ripening, etc. It may also be very helpful in relieving the pain of contractions during labor.

Be Cautious while Undergoing Acupressure during Pregnancy

  • No doubt, acupressure is considered safe during pregnancy, but ensure that your therapist is certified and has an extensive experience in treating pregnant women, as it may cause muscle contractions.
  • Acupressure massages should be limited to an hour in total, and the therapist should not spend more than 10-15 minutes on one part, as it may result in pain and nausea due to the pressure released for a longer time.
  • Some of the acupressure points on the feet should be avoided during pregnancy as pressing them could induce labor and contractions.

Benefits of Acupressure during Pregnancy

  • Acupressure is a natural remedy to manage your health and well-being during pregnancy.
  • It helps in the proper flow of blood circulation during pregnancy, thus helping in easing the pain (back pain, pelvic pain, headache) and discomfort related to pregnancy. Acupressure can ease the labor process and prevent the need for further medical intervention.
  • It can also stimulate and regulate the body’s hormones.
  • Acupressure can help significantly by reducing stress and anxiety pertaining to pregnancy and delivery.
  • It is also safe and effective for treating:
    • Sciatica
    • Pubic Pain
    • Headaches
    • Back Pain, etc.
  • It also helps in inducing labor for women past their due dates by supporting cervical ripening.

Natural Remedies for Treating Back Pain during Pregnancy

  • An effective home remedy for backache could be a combination of wheat, Cuscus (poppy seeds) and coriander. To prepare it, soak around 50gms of wheat overnight in water. Next morning, add 30 grams of poppy seeds and coriander. Then add around 1 cup milk. Keep this mixture for boiling till only 2/3rd of it is left. Drink this mixture once a day.
  • Every time you lift something from the floor, try to bend your knees first. This will prevent your lower back from causing any damage to your spine and back muscles.
  • Another effective way could be mixing a tablespoon of honey in warm water and drinking it the first thing in the morning. Garlic oil is also considered as very effective in curing backache. To make this oil, fry 10-12 cloves of garlic in oil. Strain the oil and let it cool. Now use it for massaging. Mint oil massage is also considered to be very effective for back pain.
  • Boil 10-12 basil leaves in a cup of water. Continue boiling till half the quantity is left. Cool down the water and add a pinch of salt. Drink it once a day.
  • Include more foods that are rich in Vitamin C in your diet like tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, etc.
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