Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy: Is It Safe, Benefits & Impact

Chiropractor in Pregnancy – Benefits and Safety

During pregnancy, it is common for women to experience aches and pains. In such a scenario chiropractor care can become the source of relief and comfort for many pregnant women.

Chiropractic care is an alternative medicine treatment which deals with the well-being of the spinal column, associated nerves, spinal discs and bone geometry. It is an art of correcting the body’s misaligned joints especially related to the spine which helps in easing the spinal nerve stress and in turn promoting overall health.

Is it Safe to See a Chiropractor while Pregnant?

Many women may ask if pregnant women can go to a chiropractor. The answer to it is that it is not only safe to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy,  but may be quite advantageous as well. Most chiropractors are proficient in caring for pregnant women and nurturing their pregnancy wellness. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that any complication may arise. But it is always advisable to check the credentials and designations first before seeing one. Also, refer to your doctor and seek his approval who may guide you well after examining your condition.

Chiropractors who are particularly trained to handle prenatal care can effectively manage the specific problems of pregnant women by applying suitable adjusting techniques which entail avoiding putting any unnecessary pressure on the stomach. The ligament laxity owing to the hormones may allow a skilled chiropractor to make proper adjustments to the aching muscles and joints by positioning his hands in the right way. They may use specially designed tables or cushions to accommodate the changing body of a pregnant woman. They may suggest apt stretches and exercises that can be safely employed by pregnant women to alleviate pain and discomfort.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help in Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care comprises of identifying spinal misalignments and amending them with hands to adjust, manipulate the spine, muscles and joints. The fluctuating pregnancy hormones may have an impact on the joints making them soft and tender which can result in pregnant women suffering serious body distress. Chiropractors with appropriate techniques can help pregnant women to feel comfortable by tackling the body stress and bringing relief from backaches, leg cramps, pelvic and knee pains.

Other factors like muscle stretching, fluid retention, weight gain which commonly occur during pregnancy are likely to produce some amount of musculoskeletal discomfort in most pregnant women which can be resolved by chiropractic care. It can release the extra pressure on the spine which arises because of the weight gain. It may help to maintain pelvic balance which usually gets disrupted as the posture of a pregnant woman alters owing to the expanding belly.

By often going for these sessions, a pregnant woman may help prevent the occurrence of sciatica that can happen from excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve causing pain which typically radiates from the lower back, running down to hips and buttocks and extending to the legs. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can also help avert the likelihood of a C-section and possibly reduce labour time.

Benefits of Chiropractic during Pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can have several benefits for the expectant mother. Below are a few benefits you should know of:

1. Reduces Pregnancy Symptoms

The hormonal changes during pregnancy can trigger certain pregnancy symptoms like headaches, nausea, fatigue which can be considerably minimised by chiropractic. It may particularly prove effective in case the probable cause of a headache or vomiting is an irritated nerve or unbalanced vertebrae.

2. Combats Pregnancy Aches

The pregnancy hormones may cause relaxation of ligaments and the growing belly of a pregnant woman can negatively affect her spinal curvature and posture prompting back pain and other aches. Chiropractic care can help diminish these aches to a large extent.

3. Promotes Overall Health

Chiropractic care enables the body to restore itself by making the necessary adjustments to the muscles and joints. It fosters the normal functioning of the body by removing obstructions to the spinal column nerves. It extends a remedy to the common problems ailing the body thereby safeguarding a healthier pregnancy.

Benefits of Chiropractic during Pregnancy

4. Positions the Baby

Chiropractic can favourably support the positioning of the baby for birth. In case the lower spine and hips are not properly aligned at the time of delivery the baby may end up sideways, breech or posterior resulting in possible complications. Chiropractic adjustments can help balance a woman’s pelvis which may allow for ideal foetal positioning.

5. Eases Labour and Birth

Chiropractic care can lessen the time a pregnant woman may take to deliver a baby. It can smoothen the birth process by correctly aligning the mother’s hips and spine and by guaranteeing that all her organs and muscles are working normally.

Impact of Chiropractic on Your Unborn Baby

The advantages of chiropractic care during pregnancy easily outweigh any possible chiropractic pregnancy risks. A pelvis which is not appropriately aligned can limit the extent of space available to a growing baby. In case there is an obstruction which may hinder a developing baby’s normal movements also called an intrauterine constraint it can result in a baby being born with neonatal defects. An asymmetrical pelvis may also prevent an unborn baby to get into the right position ( head down, rear-facing) for birth. It can lead to baby moving in a posterior or breech position which can bring about obstacles during labour. In such instances, a caesarean delivery is the most likely course of action thereby upsetting a woman’s chance to have a non-invasive and natural birth.

Is Chiropractic Care Recommended in Breech Delivery?

Some babies may be present in breech with their feet placed to be delivered first instead of the head during the third trimester of the pregnancy. Studies indicate that chiropractic care through the pregnancy can encourage optimal foetal positioning and may help avert baby from turning vertex. In case a baby moves into a breech position a chiropractor during pregnancy third trimester may perform right adjustments to render the birth process easier and safer.


Some frequently asked questions can be:

1. How Many Times Should I Visit Chiropractor for Treatment?

A pregnant woman can visit a chiropractor once a month in the initial months of her pregnancy. She may like to see him two or three times a month until the concluding month of the pregnancy. In case the discomfort is more towards the third trimester a pregnant woman can visit once every week.

2. Why Should I have Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy may prove helpful in not only treating specific pains but also for improving general health and ensuring a smooth pregnancy by controlling potential distress caused by pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, headaches.

3. When Should I Stop the Treatment after Pregnancy?

Some mothers choose to continue treatment even after delivery for postpartum healing. Chiropractic adjustments can help correct any unbalanced alignments that may have happened during labour. It can also remedy posture problems and aches that may result from constant breastfeeding and carrying the weight of the baby for a long time.

Regular chiropractic care can offer many health benefits to pregnant women. It is a natural corrective method which does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery. Therefore, it is considered a safe method which may not only facilitate a smooth pregnancy and labour but can also ensure healthy functioning of the body throughout the pregnancy.

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