9 Skills To Add In Resume For Stay At Home Mom Returning To Work

9 New & Powerful Skills You Can Add To Your Resume After Becoming a Mom!

They say if you educate a boy, you educate a man, but if you educate a girl, you educate a family. Here are some new-mom skills that you can add as legit job skills to your resume!

When a child is born, a mother is born too. Becoming a mother is nothing short of rebirth, for every woman learns anew the different things about the world around her, and about human beings too – how we perceive the world around us, how we learn, how we explore, all through a tiny pair of eyes, hands, ears, and legs!

Becoming a mother changes you in more than one way – it’s almost as if Karma were being delivered to you in the form of a tiny human being who seems to be bound to bring you down to tears! But all of this toiling with a small baby definitely leads to personal growth and self-awareness.

New-Mom Skills That Double-Up as Legit Job Skills!

Now that you have figured out life after a baby, if you are planning to go back to work you will have to rework that resume. Being on a maternity break has its ups and downs. One of the downs is that it significantly sets you back, as compared to your colleagues. After you’ve been absent from the professional scene for over 6 months, it is obvious to feel lost!

However, you have the edge over your colleagues – because you just went and had a baby. And having a baby is nothing short of a crash-course in personal skills

1. Time Management

The first thing that motherhood teaches you is time management. There are just far too many tasks to complete for one pair of hands – you have to bathe the baby, feed her, clothe her, change her diaper, and by then it is time to feed her again, and oops did she just soil her diaper again??? And when the baby is finally sleeping, you have to get the house in order – cook for the family, cook for the baby, clean, run errands… and mothers manage all of this superbly, without crying and complaining. Any company should be lucky to have such a super-woman on board!

2. Organisation and Planning

This one goes hand in hand with time-management. A mother’s day has too big and elaborate a to-do list to allow her to lose even a minute or a moment that could be productively used to complete some errand, or prepare for some task. This means she has to plan her day well. She needs to get her things – and her mind! – organised. This is definitely a desirable quality in an employee and of the best childcare skills for resume.

3. Team Building

More often than not, motherhood can get overwhelming. And when it does, mothers employ everyone in the family to lend them a helping hand – that includes the parents-in-law, the husband, the maid, and whoever else will volunteer! A woman can get all these different people to coordinate and sync, and work together as a team for the house, the family and the baby. If this isn’t team building, we don’t know what is!

4. Supervision and Delegation

This one goes hand in hand with team building. Once you’ve built a team (read: family), you need to identify what the positives and negatives or limitations of each person are (read: family member) and use them to the overall benefit and advantage of the team (read: household and family). Such a woman would no doubt make an excellent team leader or manager.

5. Patience

Motherhood makes a saint even out of the most impatient and restless woman! When your baby just refuses to feed, when she just cannot stop crying, all that’s left in your hands is to be patient, and try your best to comfort your baby, hoping she’ll be fine soon. Who wouldn’t want to have such a cool, calm, and collected person on their team?

6. Perseverance and Tenacity

Sometimes, the only way to work around a road-block is to work through it. No one understands this better than a mother. And working through roadblocks requires tremendous perseverance and tenacity – especially if that road-block means getting your baby to poop, bathe or eat! Such incidences make a mother very perseverant and tenacious indeed – highly-valued qualities in an employee, without a doubt.

7. Communication and Negotiation

Whoever can communicate with and understand correctly what a tiny little human being – that can only laugh and cry – wants and needs, must have exceptional communication skills indeed. This makes new moms exceptionally qualified. Add to this the fact that new moms have to manage the house and the family too, and get them all to pitch in for the baby – which means their negotiation skills must be good too!

8. Crisis-management and Problem-solving

From home remedies for common ailments to being able to fix a broken pram or cradle to being able to sew a small rip in the bay’s jumper – there are scores of little (and big) problems that a new mother has to face when it comes to handling a baby. This boosts her creativity and makes her an excellent resource when it comes to problem-solving.

9. Financial Management

Let’s face it – raising a child is an expensive affair! From diapers to baby food, to clothes that they outgrow each month, there are tonnes of expenses that get added to a family’s expenses when a baby is born. Being the ‘home’-minister, however, mothers come up with unique ways of cost-cutting and managing finances. And a resource that saves the company money is a highly-prized possession indeed!

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