Best Self Defence Items for Women

8 Self Defence Weapons Right In Your Purse

Here’s what you can do to take charge of your safety when you feel vulnerable out alone smartly use your handbag! Make sure you get these self-defense items for your purse to keep safe.

With so many untoward incidents happening to women nowadays, it’s about time we take charge of our protection! But is it really doable? The answer is yes, to an extent, and this is how 9 out of 10 times when women step out of home, they carry their purse with them, making it the ideal place to stash certain objects that don’t require any legal permit (in India, at least) but which can prove to be bad news for an attacker.

A List of the Best Self Defence Weapons for Women

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has chemicals that can cause tearing, pain and even temporary blindness to give you enough time to escape. In the absence of pepper spray, you can make do with hairspray, cologne or face toner, though they may not be as potent.

2. Keys

Now you have another reason not to forget your keys when going out! Slide them between your fingers and make a fist so that the keys act as spikes for a power punch. This technique can be especially helpful when you’re attacked from behind. Counterattack by stomping on the assailant’s feet with all your might, and then hitting him with your spiked fist.


3. Manicure Kit

Your manicure kit comprises potential weapons like scissors, a cuticle knife and a nail file. When in danger, aim these at sensitive spots like the eyes or the throat.

4. Flashlight

You can use a flashlight to hit soft spots such as the temple, eyes, mouth, throat and groin. It can also be seen as a sign for help by people around. Couple it with a loud scream to grab public attention faster.

5. A Loud Whistle

Not only can you cheer for your kids on the playground with a whistle, but you can also blow it to raise alarm signals. Attackers try to take advantage of deserted places. If you see someone approaching you with malicious intent, take advantage of your whistle to scare off your attacker.

6. Lighter

Placing a lighter in your purse is a good idea even if you don’t smoke. If an attacker ever grabs you by your throat, you won’t be able to use much of your body strength, except maybe your hands. You can try to fight back by firing a lighter to burn his skin.

7. An Ink Pen or Pencil

Ink pens not only make a signature style statement but their sharp nibs may be lifesavers. Similarly, you can aim for an attacker’s eyes with a pointed pencil.

8. Mobile Phone

There are so many safety apps that you can download to trigger a personal alarm to your family members and even the police. The apps tell them that you’re in danger and give out your current location to them.

The next time you know you’ll be home late, make sure you have these self-defence items in your purse. Just keep your purse uncluttered so that you can easily reach for them.

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