8 Common Mistakes You Make That Could Be A Choking Hazard For Your Baby

8 Common Mistakes You Make That Could Be A Choking Hazard For Your Baby and How to Avoid Them

Are you introducing delicious solid foods to your dear little angel? Are you looking for some safe tips to follow to prevent your baby from choking as he noshes on various solid foods? If you said yes, then you should learn and follow some safe ways when feeding solid foods to your dear little one. Read on to find out how you can prevent your baby from choking on solid foods.

Common Mistakes You Make That Could Be A Choking Hazard For Your Baby

1. Introducing Solids Before Your Baby Turns 6-months-old

While you can offer purees to your baby earlier, most experts recommend that you introduce solid foods only after your baby completes six months. This is the time when your baby can chew the solid foods and swallow them safely.

2. Giving Your Baby Large Morsels Of Food

Make sure you offer only finely chopped solids to your baby to avoid food getting lodged in his throat. First, offer finely cut small pieces of soft food that your baby can swallow easily. As your baby gets habituated to eating small, soft food pieces, move up gradually and offer him bigger pieces.

3. Leaving Your Baby Unsupervised As He Eats

Even though you are offering age-appropriate titbits to your hungry little one, accidents can occur anytime causing food to get choked in baby’s throat. So, always attend to your little one while he eats his meals or snacks.|

4. Feeding Your Baby Small Bites Of Your Own Food

While you might be tempted to offer your baby small bites of whatever you are enjoying eating, avoid offering high-risk foods that can cause choking. Avoid giving your hungry little one nuts, dried fruits, cheese cubes, hard candies, fish with bones, hot dogs, whole grapes, baked nuggets, and any food that your baby can find difficult to chew and swallow. Also, avoid giving larger chunks of food as they can cause choking in your baby’s throat.

5. Letting Your Baby Lie Down While Eating

Make your baby sit upright in his highchair as he eats. Give him finger foods only when he is sitting down or is in his chair. Don’t give your baby solid foods when he is crawling or moving around, as it is unsafe to feed your baby when he is constantly on the go.

6. Rushing Through A Meal

Model proper feeding habits and feed your baby small morsels of solid foods one-by-one. Don’t rush to feed maximum portions at once. Let your baby take his time to chew and swallow a morsel of solid food, then you feed the next portion. This will promote safe feeding and avoid choking of the food.

7. Allowing Baby to Crawl Or Run While Eating

Prevent your little one from crawling or running with food in his mouth. Unexpected falls can occur as your baby runs while eating and it can cause choking. Also, stop your baby from giggling and breathing hard while eating to prevent choking hazards.

8. Letting Your Baby Swallow Without Chewing

Your baby can swallow solid foods safely only after he chews them well. So, encourage your baby to chew the food before he swallows it. Show your little one how you chew the food, and let them imitate you by moving their lower jaw to chew the food.

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