Common Accidents Your Baby Can Face at Home and How to Protect Him

Common Accidents Your Baby Can Face at Home – and How To Protect Him

A newborn baby is a bundle of joy to have around, and it is extremely important to be careful about his safety. There are a variety of household items which may be harmful for your little one. Most of the times these accidents happen at home due to a variety of household things that are lying around.

Let’s take a look at some common accidents that could occur and how can you prevent them, because prevention is always better than cure.

1. Sharp Objects

Any sharp objects should not be kept out in the open. Although you may feel that your baby is too young, but by any chance if he gets a hold of any sharp object like a pair of scissors, then you don’t even want to imagine how much injury it could cause to both you and your baby!

2. Used Nappies in Mouth

Sometimes when you are changing nappies and the phone bell or doorbell rings, you will be tempted to attend that first. Or you may get a beep sound with a Facebook or WhatsApp update, and you may feel that it will take only a minute a check the post. Somehow we don’t realise how that one minute has changed to five minutes and the next thing you see is that your baby has put that dirty nappy in his mouth. Needless to say, this can be really harmful.

3. Hot Milk at Bedside

Again, in some situations, we tend to keep milk near the bedside, just to cool it a little bit before you feed the baby. In case your attention goes elsewhere for even a second, you won’t even know how your baby has spilled the hot milk on himself or on you. To prevent this, it is a good idea to always cool the milk in the kitchen before bringing it to your baby.

4. Pulling Sheet

Imagine this. You have put a cover besides the baby crib or on top of the bed, and that cover has a couple of heavy objects on it. For all you know, when you are not around for some time, your baby might pull one end of the cloth and those objects could fall on him. A preventive measure here is to always keep the baby in the crib, and ensure that no objects are lying around or above the baby.

5. Choking

Finally, overfeeding or feeding too fast might make the baby unable to swallow the excessive milk, and it may lead to choking. Go very slow while feeding and ensure that only a very little amount is going in your baby’s mouth, just a few drops at a time.

Supervision is the best prevention strategy you need to use to avoid these accidents. Always be watchful and never keep your baby alone without supervision for even a second, especially in the initial years. And of course, never, ever forget to baby-proof your house your child’s safety depends on it.

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