Twin Pregnancy Week 7: Symptoms, Baby Size, Ultrasound & more

7 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

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Being seven weeks pregnant with twins is one of the greatest feelings for a young mother and a totally different ballgame for first-time moms. All the things that you might have expected at the beginning of your pregnancy will start getting prominent around this time. Right from your pants getting tighter to having a feeling of something growing inside you, these sensations are all that govern and define the seventh week of pregnancy. The babies are at an important milestone of their own growth as well, having grown to nearly twice the size they were in the previous week.

Common Body Changes

Since a growing foetus experiences one of its largest spurts of growth around this time, the changes experienced by a pregnant woman’s body are also quite substantial.

  • You might feel warmer than other people and may want to turn the fan or AC on more often, which is a result of increased blood circulation within the body.
  • Many women tend to experience a darkening of the skin. The most prominent is the formation of a dark line near the abdomen. Other areas of the body could have small patches of pigmentation, which tend to fade away after the delivery. Even the palms of your hand could darken a shade.
  • The swell and fullness of the breasts will make them tender. There might even be a chance of noticing slight veins in the region. The areolas start getting darker as the nipples themselves become darker and larger in size. Tiny bumps will begin to appear around the nipples.
  • The uterus undergoes the biggest change as it increases in size and develops into a shape that resembles a pear. At times, it may start shifting gradually to the right of the abdomen. Such a movement can make the inner ligaments tighter than usual and can be painful if you turn your body quickly.
  • Ovulation stops completely at this point, and the production of newer eggs is totally closed down. The cyst that is formed by the ovaries continues to support the production of hormones and help the pregnancy sustain itself.
  • The vaginal discharge might also increase around this point since the blood vessels multiply rapidly. Also, the discharge increases in order to lubricate the vagina in preparation for the delivery. The discharge would be thick and white in colour since the vagina becomes slightly more acidic than usual.
  • The blood volume will rise to provide extra blood flow to the uterus. This increased blood volume can cause the pulse rate to increase during the second trimester of pregnancy. 
  • By the second trimester, as your babies start occupying more space within your body, your organs move around to accommodate them. Your heart moves a little to the left. The lungs, on the other hand, tend to move upwards, causing your chest to expand a bit. This leads to the lungs expanding vertically a lot more than before, causing them to inhale and exhale a larger amount of air easily.
  • With so much nutrient exchange taking place within the body, the kidneys swell and end up working overtime. The toxin secretion and flushing tend to be higher, causing more sensation of urination throughout.
  • Although you might feel hungrier than usual, you will most likely feel satisfied after a small meal itself, due to the tendency of the stomach to empty itself at a slower rate than before. This could even result in increased instances of acid reflux in pregnant women. Lack of fibrous food items could result in constipation, which could inevitably cause haemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 7 Weeks

The signs of twin pregnancy at 7 weeks, tend to get quite strong around this time.

  • The recurrent feeling of nausea and morning sickness will increase in intensity, especially in the case of multiple babies since the hormones are secreted in a higher quantity than before.
  • Food cravings can reach their peak and can make you want to gorge on anything and everything in sight. Having more food than usual is absolutely fine as long as you stick to a healthy diet. On the contrary, certain women can experience strong aversions to specific food items. This could happen with foods that have a particular smell or aroma that might trigger your morning sickness and cause you to throw up. Most of these aversions are a result of hormone fluctuations and are completely normal as long as the mother keeps getting the nutrients from alternative sources. Dry food items with a light flavour such as yoghurt or biscuits can be a good way to handle the situation.
  • During pregnancy, some women may experience acne breakouts. However, a doctor’s advice must be taken before opting for any treatment.
  • Salivation increases tremendously, as a general accompaniment to the tendency of throwing up frequently. You may even drool while sleeping.
  • Minor cramps can be experienced by women as a result of the growing uterus. As long as the cramps are not too intense and don’t repeat frequently, you are safe.

Cramps are an early sign of pregnancy

Belly at 7 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

The sudden increase in the size of the babies within a week can be evident from the size of your belly, which will make its presence felt more than before. Some women can even observe some light lines or streaks on the skin, which could be a little reddish in colour. These are also observed on the breasts and thighs. This is the beginning of your body developing stretch marks as it prepares to accommodate the growing babies.

7 Weeks Twin Ultrasound

Most doctors would be able to let parents know by this stage if they should expect multiple babies in their pregnancy – twins, triplets, or more! Conclusive evidence may even be obtained up to two weeks prior, but this stage makes it easier for parents to come to terms with the fact as well, which is why most doctors wait until the seventh week and sometimes use the previous weeks to prepare the couple. The presence of two (or more) separate sacs can be spotted easily in the ultrasound scans of the seventh week. Although you may not be able to see much development in the shape of the babies, as long as the vital organs and physical limbs are developing in each of your babies, you can relax.

What to Eat

The seventh week of the pregnancy is usually the time where most women start experiencing cravings that you have heard of! In some cases, food items that might not have been of much interest before could suddenly feel like the most delicious food ever! Some say that cravings are the body’s way of letting you know that it needs replenishment of nutrients. For example, wanting an ice cream could be a sign of a calcium fix or looking forward to devouring a meat item could necessitate the intake of proteins.

Irrespective of cravings being intense or minimal, certain food items should be a part of your diet to ensure a balanced provision of all elements and nutrients you need. Initially, tackling a variety of food items while combating your triggers for morning sickness can be tough to navigate. Opting for certain fruits or alternatives that don’t have a strong smell can help keep you healthy.

Pregnancy Care Tips

Taking care of your pregnancy goes way beyond healthy eating and taking care of your body. A few dos and don’ts are essential in keeping you safe.


  • Get your medical checkup done as soon as you can. Make sure you prepare a list of questions and doubts you might have so that you can get all the answers.
  • Remember to take a photograph of your belly every day or at least twice or thrice a week. Doing so can give you an idea of how your pregnancy has progressed over the past months.


  • Avoid raw food products such as meat and fish, no matter how much you crave for them. Stay safe from any infections.
  • Don’t opt for a weight-loss programme or restrict your diet to keep your weight under control. It could harm your baby in irreversible ways.

What You Need to Shop For

As your morning sickness symptoms will get stronger over the coming weeks, investing in some nice incense sticks or teas might be beneficial for you. Get a gentle scrub and moisturiser to keep your skin smooth and healthy. Start reading books or articles around pregnancy and baby development.

Hearing twin heartbeats at seven weeks might be possible for some women, and that feeling is utterly precious. To see your babies growing safely is something that can instantly turn a woman into a mother, and boost your confidence about taking care of your children in the right manner.

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