7 Shocking Ways You Are Harming Your Child’s Health

7 Shocking Ways You Are Harming Your Child’s Health

Did you know that there are dangers lurking in ordinary lifestyles and habits which can go unnoticed and compromise your child’s health?

As a parent, you would go to any extent to keep your child from harm’s way. However, while you ensure that your darling is safe and sound outdoors, there can be hidden dangers indoors too and these can cause significant harm to your child’s well being.

Find out whether you have been guilty of any of the following harmful lifestyle habits. Get rid of them immediately!

Seemingly Harmless Ways You Are Harming Your Child’s Health

1. Food Poisoning In Your Fridge

An unhygienic fridge with spilled food is a breeding ground for the tummy trouble germs. Hence, ensure that you clean your fridge weekly. Remember to throw away all expired edibles and transfer unused food contents from cans to other storage containers. Keep food poisoning at bay!

2. Breeding Dengue and Malaria

Daily household items like flower pots and trays, coolers, flower bowls etc. can be happy nesting grounds for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cause deadly diseases like dengue and malaria – definitely what you want your kids to be protected from! Make it a habit to take out sometime daily to look around and get rid of any stagnant water.

3. Exposure to Adult Content on TV and Electronic Gadgets

You need to keep a tab on your child’s emotional health as well. Watching child-inappropriate stuff on electronic media can adversely affect your child’s mental health and cause unnecessary fear and insecurities in your child. Ensure that you have previewed the programmes and make viewing TV/video games/computers/phones a joint/group activity. You can set privacy settings and other child safety measures to ensure no accidental viewing.

4. Junk Food Issues

Try to cut off junk food and colas totally from your child’s diet. Soft drinks have been linked to behavioural issues like fighting, aggression and even depression in kids. This is over and above the much talked about obesity, tooth decay and mood related problems such foods create. Lead by example and follow a nutritious diet. Eat healthy!

5. Drying Laundry Indoors

Drying wet laundry indoors due to lack of space in a poorly ventilated room can act as ideal breeding grounds for mould spores and dust mites. This can cause asthma, hay fever and other allergies. This is one of the most shocking answers to how you are harming your kids health!

6. Too Much Sun

Direct and prolonged exposure to the sun might cause allergies and skin cancers in the long run. The ultra violet rays in sunlight are something you need to protect your young one’s tender skin from. Avoid the afternoon sun and remember to dress your child in clothes that cover him up while going outdoors. And make sure you apply sunscreen to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun.

7. Passive Smoking

Cigarette smoke is particularly harmful for children. The poisonous chemicals present in cigarette smoke remain suspended in air long after your smoke. Small children are more susceptible to lung diseases and cancer from second or third hand smoking.

Your children’s health is in your hands! You can cut out many risks to your child’s well-being by following these simple practices at home.

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