7 Best Poems About Breastfeeding For Nursing Moms

7 Amazing Beautiful Breastfeeding Poems for Nursing Moms

Breastfeeding is a very selfless act that helps babies with nourishment and growth for the first six months of birth. Most mothers cannot put down their thoughts of feeding their kids with their milk. But few mothers pen down this beautiful in the form of an inspirational poem that resonates with every mother.

7 Best Poems About Breastfeeding That Nursing Moms Can Relate to 

7 Best Poems About Breastfeeding That Nursing Moms Can Relate to

Here is a list of seven breastfeeding poems by mothers who were able to pour down their funny and emotional experiences of breastfeeding on a paper. 

1. A Short Breastfeeding Poem – By Cristina Dimuro Trnik 

The softness of the blanket
You asleep on my breast
There is nothing better than…
The calm, the quiet, the rest
Your beautiful face in the dark…
This warm, snuggly feeling…
It’s simply the best
I love you.

2. Let Them Judge – By J. Kontos at Counseling Mama 

Mama, let them judge.
They are going to “unapprove” anyways.
Some people will just be critical no matter what you say.
What does your heart say?
Mama, what does your heart say?
You know your baby from the inside out.
Do not let those from the outside instill their doubt.

3. Milky Valentine – By Gráinne Evans 

Lying cosy in my arms, eyes gazing into mine,
Love flowing from my breast as peacefully you dine,
On milk made from kisses, Mother Nature’s sweet design.
Connecting in these moments, hearts and souls align.
Blissfully I fall in love with my Milky Valentine.

4. A Funny Breastfeeding Poem – By Rebecca Skermer 

Don’t use my tits as a teether!
My nipples and I need a breather
They’re being misused
And I’m not really amused
I don’t find it cute, either.
You will not get milk with your gnawing
Your gnashers are piercing and scoring
One day you’ll draw blood
And that’ll be no good
I’ll get you a dummy, and that’s boring!

5. I Thought – By Elizabeth Lutz

I thought that latching would be hard but my baby and I would figure it out
I thought that having a freezer full of milk was normal
I thought I would make plenty for my baby, because that’s what my body was built to do.
I thought I would nurse in public and no one would say a word
I thought I would get to have this super special bond with my baby because I breastfed him
I thought I knew what breastfeeding was
I was wrong.
My son never latched, not once, even though we tried and tried
I have seen 11 different lactation consultants
I have never been able to put a single ounce of milk in the freezer.
I do not make enough milk for my baby
have never nursed in public
I don’t have a “special bond” with my son because of breastfeeding
I didn’t know what breastfeeding was or what it looked like.
Since having my son
I learned that breastfeeding isn’t always feeding from the breast
Exclusively pumping and bottle feeding is breastfeeding and it takes a lot of time and dedication
The “freezer stash” may never come and that is okay, you are feeding your baby not your freezer.
I learned that sometimes our bodies don’t do what you want them to
I increased my supply from 2 oz a day to 21 oz a day and at one point I was pumping 7.5 hours a day trying to increase my supply more
It didn’t happen but I learned that there are amazing people who donate their excess breast milk.
I have gotten many dirty looks and off-handed comments when I pump in public but I simply stand by the fact that I am providing food for my child
I still don’t have a “special bond” with my son because of breastfeeding
I have a special bond with my son because I am his Mama.
I learned that breastfeeding can look so many different ways
I learned that breastfeeding doesn’t always go according to plan and that’s okay
All this to say: you are amazing, no matter what your journey looks like.

6. Poem About Realities of Daily Breastfeeding – By Carla Molina at All Of Me Now 

Ringlet on arm,
Lips on breast.
Scratch, scratch,
Scratching my thigh.
Your body curling into mine.
In bed.

7. Breastmilk – By Gráinne Evans 

Some say it’s nature’s “Liquid Gold”,
A gift more precious than anything sold.
Some say it forms a bond like no other,
Of connection and trust between baby and mother.
Some say the milk babies get from their mamas,
Is the super food you can make in your pyjamas.
Some say it’s unique and cannot be matched,
Its secrets imparted when baby is latched.
Some say, from Hera’s breast, the spray,
Formed what we still call, The Milky Way.
Some say it’s a powerful healing elixir,
A mysterious, milky, all around fixer.
Maybe it’s a little of all of the above,
Or maybe it’s simply Liquid LOVE.

This collection of beautiful poems can inspire other mothers, help them overcome postpartum depression, and love their babies even more. Breastfeeding is a beautiful act of love that creates an amazing connection between the infant and the mother.

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