6 Simple Parenting Hacks To Ensure Your Child Never Goes Missing

6 Simple Parenting Hacks To Ensure Your Child Never Goes Missing

There is nothing more precious to you than your child. He is the laughter in your jokes, the happiness in your days. As moms, you always worry about your child’s well-being and safety. This is why you grow anxious when he goes off to play in the park or hops on to the school bus every day. With the number of missing child cases increasing every day, it is your worst nightmare to live to see a day when your child is missing! But does this mean you can never let your child out of your sight? If no, how can you be rest assured he will never go missing?

Well moms, here’s some good news. It is possible to safeguard your child even from afar if you only implement a few effective parenting hacks. What you need is a robust combination of the right parenting and the right technology!We have brought you a collection of simple but very powerful solutions that will ensure the apple of your eyes is always safe. Yes, even when he isn’t close to you.

1. Give Your Child These Critical Outdoor Safety Lessons

There are a number of locations your child frequents every day – school, playground, the park, a neighbour or friend’s house, the shopping centre, etc. All these places can pose the risk of strangers or injury. Make sure you explain all these lessons clearly to your child:

  • Never talk to or accept things from strangers, even when they claim to know Mamma or Papa. It’s also an absolute no-to to go anywhere or accept a ride with them
  • When you are walking them to a certain location, point out places that may not be safe – e.g. a clump of bushes. Also show them “safe houses” such as your friend’s place, and emergency contact centers like the police station and a public telephone booth
  • Teach your child to scream for help, contact the security guard, bite and hit, etc. if they sense any trouble from a stranger

2. Track Your Child’s Location Using This Simple GPS Device

It is not always crime that threatens to pull your darling away from you. Sometimes, kids simply like taking a long route back home. But worse, they may be lost! To insulate your child against this risk, get him the FindMe Kids Watch by ePurpleSky.com. This handy device lets you track your child’s location right down to the exact building/street address. You can put a permanent end to worrying about his whereabouts with this device on his person. The best part is that it is completely safe, light-weight, and because it is essentially a watch, kids will throw no tantrums about wearing it!

Tracker watch

3. Start Using a Family Safety Codeword

This is an excellent and discreet method to keep your child safe in public. Establish a code word – nothing too difficult but not too common either – and ask your kids to remember this. They have to ask any stranger to repeat the code word. If the stranger is unable to say it, the child should refuse to go with them. Make it very clear that while he should talk to everyone politely, no one can make him do anything by force.

4. Instruct Your Child To Contact You Immediately If He’s Scared

Children are innocent, trusting and easily manipulated. They are also easily scared if they feel they are all alone and a certain person is making them uncomfortable. Reassure your child that you are always there for him and will not let him come to any harm. The FindMe Kids Watch comes with an inbuilt push-to-call button. One button press and your child can talk to you about anything that’s worrying him. Problem solved!

5. Make Sure You Tick Off This Safety To-Do List Every Six Months

Even when you are doing everything you can to keep your child safe, life can be unpredictable. Children are energetic, curious and have a tendency to run off while playing or in crowded locations. To be prepared for such an exigency, do these things every six months:

  • Click a full-face photo of your child and label it with his vital information including age, size, distinguishing features, date, etc.
  • Keep all your child’s medical records safe, updated and easily accessible.
  • Record fingerprints of your child as well as every other member of the family.

6. Be Wary Of These People and Look For These Signs in Your Child

A number of crimes against children are perpetrated by people they know. It is a sad but discomfiting truth you have to guard against. Keep a close eye on your babysitter, houseguests, school mates and their parents, and other people your child interacts with. If this seems to border on paranoia, remember this – better safe than sorry!

Also, sometimes, if a stranger or a situation is bothering your child, he will start displaying some behavioural signs. Observe your child carefully. Does he have frequent mood swings? Does he seem quieter than usual and also more secretive? Encourage your child to open up to you. This is a long term endeavour but you need to keep working on it.

We hope this has brought you some peace of mind; you sure need it! In these troubled times, when the crime rate against children is skyrocketing, parents have a terrible time worrying themselves sore. Make these hacks a part of your daily routine to strengthen your child’s protection against an unforeseen accident. Don’t worry; these solutions coupled with your unending love and care will keep your little one safe and sound!

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