Surprising Similarity Between Pregnancy and Toddlerhood

6 Hilarious Reasons Pregnancy Is Like Toddler-Hood!

Many habits of pregnant women overlap with those of toddlers. Blame it on hormones, but they can behave in ways that are completely uncharacteristic yet so hilarious. If you’re expecting or know someone who is, discover the reasons why pregnant women are lot like toddlers!

Pregnant women and mood swings go hand-in-hand. In fact, sometimes they seem to share qualities with toddlers! Hormonal changes can make them act uncharacteristically and keep their hubbies on their toes. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you can probably relate to some of these funny incidents.

Surprising Similarities between Pregnancy and Toddlerhood

1. Feed Me NOW!

Pregnant women often seem to adopt the eating habits of toddlers. They become irritable if they don’t eat when they’re hungry. They want what they want and they want it now! What makes things even more hilarious is that what appears tasty to them one day may make them feel queasy the next.It’s hard to win!

2. Crave, Crave, Crave

During pregnancy, certain foods become ‘wow’ foods. Just like toddlers, pregnant women will do anything to get their hands on their favorite food. They may cry like a baby if they don’t get it and sulk and moan too. The solution? Stock up on items so that you have them at hand. Ask hubby to bring home your favourite treats as he gets home from work.

3. They’re Always Right

Pregnant women develop a sense of reasoning that sometimes resembles that of toddlers. They feel they’re always right, and if someone disagrees, they’ll pay the price! Just like how toddlers stick to their guns and are tough to reason with, pregnant women can be the same too.

4. Concentration Issues

Toddlers can find it tedious to concentrate on a single thing, which makes them easily distracted. The same applies to pregnant women. They can find it hard to focus on one thing at a time and may keep switching between tasks. The result? Work that’s sometimes left unfinished! The solution? Getting things done as quickly as you can before you lose interest.

5. Crankiness is Never Far

Toddlers can get cranky and start crying, at times for no good reason. Pregnant women also exhibit the same emotions. They become upset over petty issues and whine over things they normally wouldn’t. Probe them and they probably won’t know the real reason for their emotional outbursts. Crying when watching movies and getting teary remembering old memories is common, to the consternation of their husbands!

6. Fit-Misfit

Everyone wants to look good and this goes for pregnant women too. Unfortunately, in their quest to look stylish, this wish sometimes leads to trouble. They could try to fit into their old clothes and end up feeling miserable when they can’t. This gets them feeling self-conscious. And, while it’s easy to convince a toddler in matters of clothing, expecting women are more difficult!

When it comes to toddlers and pregnant women, there are triggers that can lead to exasperating yet funny behaviours. The ‘my way or the highway’ attitude can leave family members walking on eggshells! Knowing the reasons why pregnant women are a lot like toddlers and learning how to keep calm when your hormones start raging can make you more peaceful and reasonable.

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