Top 50 Funky Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

50 Funky Names for Boy and Girl Babies With Meanings

Baby-names come in all forms and sizes. Some are cool, aesthetic, weird, regal, or even cool in their ways. However, any sensibly chosen name to suit your taste and your beloved child’s personality also needs to have a good meaning. A baby name that’s both cool and funky can be the right choice for the modern generation. Unique and adorable names that are easy to pronounce and have lucid spellings can help a baby stand out in the crowd. Regardless of what imagery comes to mind, every baby deserves a name from our cool baby names list.
Whether you’re a fan of old-school classics or swanky names, creatively chosen names with a hip appeal can surely spice things up for a super-chilled-out kid. Parents who would like to give their baby the best name in the world can choose a funky moniker with an extra splash of spunk and style to become unforgettable in their way. These short funky boy names are mischievous, delightfully attractive, and never fall out of the popular baby-naming chart. You can take inspiration from the names of notable figures who have been influential icons and trendsetters of their times. Parents looking for more swag-tactic funky baby names for their little bundle of joy can refer to the list below.

Funky Names for Boys 

Funky boy’s names have the most trend-worthy appeal that can make your child a trailblazer in every sense of the word.

Here is a comprehensive list of aesthetic names for boys full of goodness that can uphold their innocence and pure nature. 

1. Ajax 

Extracted from the famous novel of Shakespeare, Ajax symbolizes The History of Troilus and Cressida’. 

2. Archie 

This English name means ‘bold prince.’

3. Beckett 

Beckett means “beehive, little brook, or bee cottage” in English and Irish.

4. Cameron 

This Scottish surname means “crooked nose.”

5. Chance

This English baby name emphasizes ‘good luck or good fortune.’

6. Diaz

Derived from Latin, Diaz means “days” in Spanish.

7. Enzo 

Originating in Teutonic culture, Enzo signifies ‘One who rules the estate.’

8. Falcon 

Falcon refers to ‘a bird’ in English.

9. Gabriel 

Gabriel means ‘God’s bravest man’ in Hebrew.

10. Gene  

Gene means ‘of noble descent’ in Greek.

11. Gunner 

This Swedish baby name means ‘battle strong.’

12. Hudson 

Hudson means ‘Hugh’s son’ in English.

13. Jamison 

Jamison means ‘Supplanter’ in English.

14. Lincoln 

This Celtic baby name signifies ‘From the settlement by the pool.’ 

15. Maximus 

This traditional Latin baby boy name signifies the most significance. 

16. Milo 

This boy’s name of German origin means “soldier or merciful.”

17. Nixon 

This unique-sounding English name means ‘victory of the people. 

18. Neo 

Neo is a boy’s name of Latin origin, meaning “new or gift.”

19. Noah 

Noah means ‘rest’ or ‘repose’ in Hebrew.

20. Orion 

Originating from Greek culture, Orion symbolizes rising in the sky.

21. Porter

This French baby name signifies ‘Gatekeeper.’

22. Quinton 

This name of Latin origin means ‘Born fifth.’ 

23. Ryland 

This Irish baby boy’s name signifies ‘Island meadow.’

24. Smith 

This popular English baby name signifies ‘Tradesman.’

25. Thorn 

Derived from Old English and Old Norse, this topographic name refers to ‘someone who lived by a thorn bush or hedge.

Funky Names for Girls 

Constantly pushing barriers and using coolness as a form of liberation, Funky girl names can sound unusually fashionable and edgy enough to be worth remembering—and celebrating.

1. Adira 

In Hebrew, this simple, stylish, and exotic name for your baby girl means ‘strong, noble, and powerful.’

2. Candie

Derived from Spanish origin, Candie signifies ‘bright or glowing light.’

3. Darcia 

This French baby name means ‘dark.’

4. Fiona 

This famous Scottish baby name means ‘Fair.’

5. Georgia 

Georgia means ‘farming woman’ in Greek.

6. Greta 

This name of Greek origin means ‘pearl.’

7. Gwyneth 

Gwyneth means ‘happy woman’ in Welsh.

8. Gabrielle 

Derived from Hebrew origin, Gabrille means ‘God’s bravest woman.’

9. Gracie 

Latin means ‘graceful woman.’

10. Keely 

Originating from Irish culture, this sweet name for your baby girl means ‘beautiful.’

11. Lillia 

This flower name of Latin origin means “lilies.”

12. Lilac 

Derived from Latin origin, Lilac means ‘Bluish Purple Color’ or a specific Flower.’

13. Lupe 

Lupe is a Spanish name derived from Guadalupe, a combination of elements’ wadi’ meaning ‘valley, river’ and ‘lupus,’ meaning ‘wolf.’

14. Mika 

This girl’s name of Hungarian, Japanese, Russian origin means “beautiful fragrance.”

15. Nova 

Nova means “new,” originating from the Latin word “novus.”

16. Olivia 

Derived from Latin origin, Olivia means “olive” or “olive tree.”

17. Opal 

Derived from the Sanskrit upala, meaning ‘jewel,’ this feminine given name stems from the name of the gemstone opal.

18. Penelope 

Derived from Greek origin, Penelope means “weaver.”

19. Poppy 

This girl’s name of Latin origin means “red flower.”

20. Rose 

Rose refers to the flower rose. It also means “famous type” in Old English.

21. Ruby 

This feminine given name is the name of the gemstone ruby, which comes from the Latin ruber, meaning ‘red.’

22. Stella 

This exotic name of Latin and Italian origin means “celestial star.”

23. Violet 

This lovely English name of Latin origin evokes nature’s beauty, grace, and power and means’ purple.’

24. Willa 

Willa means ‘will helmet’ or ‘protection’ in German.

25. Zara 

Among the multiple different origins of this girl’s name is a variation of Zahrah, which means “radiance.” It also means a “blooming flower according to its Arabic origin.

Among the popular baby names that rule the ever-changing world of top trending names, funky names are offbeat, unconventional, and have a quaint or unpretentious charm. Being funky can be flattering as it represents an attitude. Funky names can mean both extremely good and brazen, and they can be a double-edged descriptor that gives your child a bold character who can rise against challenges. Nevertheless, funky names can mean different or strange but generate interest among peers.

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