Times When Kids Outsmart Moms

5 Ways Preschoolers Can Outsmart Their Moms

Sometimes, your little one’s mind might work ten times faster than yours. He might even point out when you are making a mistake. We tend to ignore their ‘warnings’ till we realize they were right all along. There are plenty of times when your kids may outsmart you! Has it happened to you yet?

We usually take our children’s words with a pinch of salt. But children can pose fascinating questions or even give you solutions to a problem! Have you ever been in one of those moments when your child has out-thought you?

The Funny Times When Kids Outsmart Moms

1. Math Problems

If your kid is already a whiz at math, teaching him to add fractions can be daunting. If you happen to get a sum wrong while in the process of teaching him, get ready for a cold stare. When children are certain about things, you need to be certain as well. It would be quite embarrassing if your child were to complete the same with the correct answer.

2. The Tooth Fairy Issue

The story of the tooth fairy has always excited children. They can look forward to gifts in exchange for a fallen tooth. You need to bring your A-game if you want to fulfill your tooth fairy duties. If you forget to place money under your son’s pillow, he will ask questions. Sometimes, you may not know what to say as a cover up story. Your preschooler will be quick to catch on to lies. You need to make the story believable.

3. Finding Things in the House

Kids will always ask you for help when they cannot find things around the house. Despite your instructions, they may never find their lost toys. However, when you decide to pack up the toys and clothes they no longer use and place them in remote corners of the house, they find them. When he finds it, be prepared for the volley of questions to follow. “Mom, why did you pack this toy up?” ||

4. Not on Song

Have you ever noticed how your child knows all the lyrics to the songs he likes? Well, if you decide to sing along, make sure you know the lyrics too. While you might feel that messing up the lyrics is no big deal, think again. Your preschooler will be quick to point out where you went off lyric. If you want to have some fun with your child, sing the wrong lyric on purpose. Watch as he stops and correct you every time you mess up.

5. Video Gaga

If you thought you had mastered video games when you were young, your child could teach you a thing or two. From Candy Crush to Temple Run, your child will be quicker and faster than you are. These are the times when kids outsmart their mothers in a breeze.

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