Efforts Needed in Organising a Birthday Party

5 Ways Kids’ Birthday Parties Become a Nightmare!

Planning a kid’s birthday can be fun yet filled with anxiety. In fact, you could easily say there are similarities between birthday parties and childbirth! Find out just how nightmarish things can get with the orders, guest list, decorations and a whole lot more!

After becoming parents, we forget our own birthdays but not our children’s. We become so engaged in the preparations that it’s easy to overlook the important things. The next time you’re planning your child’s special day, try not to let nightmarish moments ruin things.

The Efforts Needed in Organising a Birthday Party

1. You Can’t Stop Checking and Rechecking Your List

A few days ahead of the event, you realise the pressure is increasing. You become a burdened soul and check the guest list with your to-do list constantly. You make sure for the millionth time that the orders for the cake, drinks and food are coming along and you call the decorator several times to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything.

2. You Can’t Control The Butterflies in Your Tummy

Finally, the day arrives and you feel butterflies dancing in your stomach. You go through all the arrangements in the hall. You check if everything’s up to the mark. The guests start arriving and drinks are served with appetisers but you can’t bring yourself to eat or drink. You’re suddenly struck by the similarity between birthday parties and childbirth; though there’s no pain here, the anxiety is the same!


3. You Seem to be Managing Everything Alone

It seems as if you’re the one responsible for organising the whole party. Seeing hubby sitting and chatting in full spirits makes you irritatable, yet you have no choice but to bear it. Your mind remains under constant pressure till the time the cake is cut and the food is served. The guests seem to be enjoying the party but you just can’t think of doing the same. If you aren’t at the helm, everything could fall apart!

4. Your Child Makes a Fuss and You Struggle to Keep Cool

As with every birthday, your child gets many gifts but you ask him to be a little patient and open them when the party’s over. He starts crying and you feel so helpless. Your in-laws arrive late and it makes you more annoyed. You still practice patience but you almost lose it when they present their super-large gift that makes yours look so tiny.

5. Your Reward: All’s Well That Ends Well

Kids brighten the house with their smiles and it’s easy to get excited with them. Come present-opening time and you can’t help but share their positive energy. Another way that birthday parties are just like childbirth- after the anxiety, you’re rewarded with a gift that every mom treasures: your child is happy and healthy.

When you plan for your child’s birthday party the next time around, try to remain calm and enjoy the day. Even if something doesn’t go as intended, chill and look on the bright side. Don’t forget that just like the birth of your angel, birthdays are a time of celebration and fond memories. So what if the guests arrive a little late or the food gets a little cold? Your child is happy and that’s what matters.

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