Happy Parenting Moments That You Will Look Back On and Cherish

5 Funny Parenting Things you Really Did!

What’s funny about baby-raising? Ask new parents and they’ll be in splits narrating amusing things they indulged in. Yes, there are plenty of parenting moments that you will look back on and cherish too!

You must have done quite a few amusing things while stumbling your way through as new parents. These amusing parenting moments go back to the days when baby care books were Bible, and any parent with more experience was a demi-goddess. It is only now that you chuckle and say “ Did we really do that?” These interesting things from parents’ playbooks are to be cherished forever!

Parenting Moments That will Make you Laugh Out Loud!

1. You broke into a sweat holding your newborn:

You were dead nervous in the first few weeks of your newborn’s arrival. No, don’t deny it! It was as if       you were handling a glass figurine that was ready to break away any moment. Every time you pulled       her arm through the sleeve, you were so scared of pulling it off the shoulder. And those moments             when she failed to burp after a feed or when her potty looked greenish? It’s impossible that you’ll             forget your reactions in those situations ever!

2. Careful analysis of ‘zzzzzzz’ moments:

Some of the best parenting moments are of the times when your princess slept well. You analyzed           her sleep patterns, sometimes going to the extent of noting her breath counts too! You fed her by the       clock so that she could sleep longer and let you catch forty winks as well. In spite of all that you did,         you still wished for a magical formula that would not make her pee while sleeping.

Mom and baby are laughing

3. When homemade baby food became history:

Remember the day when you promised not to give in to the temptations of baby food ads? Seriously who feeds their kid jarred food? It was supposed to be hygienically prepared, homemade meals all the way. Then, what happened? The graduation was easy—it led from organically manufactured food to ‘doc recommended it’ cans in just a few week, But then, who’s complaining? You choose the best for your baby and that’s all that matters.

4. Growing up delays that made you press the panic button:

Okay, all new parents count the minutes till their baby’s first crawl, first step, first tooth…..you went a step further, remember? You kept on tickling her ribs for three long weeks (yes, you cried too) before you hit the sweet spot and heard her laugh out loud. Laugh this off with other family members now; after all, you made them go through those panic moments too!

5. You Googled and Googled:

You’ve probably never researched more in your life. All your free time was directed on formulating search engine friendly keywords like “best baby pacifiers on sale”, “buy breast pumps”, and “which nursing pillow is good for babies.” Sometimes you bought the goods first and then researched. Thank God for Google!

Go ahead, relive more funny parenting moments and smile at all that parenthood brought along with it. After all that hard work, you totally deserve those giggles now!

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