The Funniest Things Preschoolers Have Said

7 Funniest Things Preschoolers Have Said That Had Moms In Fits Of Laughter

Even though preschoolers don’t know a lot about how things work in the grown-up world, they always have an opinion about everything. This can lead to some hilarious outcomes!

If you’re mom to a preschooler, we salute your patience, creativity and ingenuity when it comes to handling the situations your child is capable of creating! Preschoolers are only beginning to explore the world around, are bursting with questions, and have a comment to make on everything and anything that’s part of their existence.

You’ll know what we are talking about when we bring up these situations that are hilarious and tricky at the same time! Have they happened to you yet?

Sticky Situations Your Preschoolers Can Get You Into

1. Spending Time with Mom

Mom shows a picture of her younger self to her daughter “Do you know who this is?”
Daughter *gasps* “That’s me when I’m bigger!”

2. 3 Year Old Talking to Her Stuffed Toy

“You don’t like Spinach? I don’t like Spinach too. I’ll throw it and tell mommy you did it!”

3. At a Kitty Party

Mrs Singh “So how did you guys like the cake I had sent?”
Mom “Ah Mrs. Singh! What a yummy treat..”
Son “But Mom, you gave it all to the maid!”

4. At a Birthday Party

Daughter “Mumma, I’m sleepyyy let’s go home!”
Mom “Just half an hour baby, grown-ups have to eat as well, right…”
Daughter *yells out loud* “But I already got the return gift! Now it’s time to go home.”

5. In The Kitchen

Daughter “Mom you need to put more salt in it.”
Mom “No darling, mommy has put in enough salt..”
Daughter “I make better sabzi with my kitchen set!”

6. While Driving

Son “Why are we stopping daddy?”
Dad “There’s a big traffic jam..”
Son “I wish you were Krrish, Dad. I bet he would’ve always taken me home in time for me to watch Doraemon!”

7. At a Games Arcade

Mom “Let’s go home, darling. Play time is over, time for dinner now.”
4 year old *lies spread-eagled on the floor* “Nooooo! I don’t wanna go home. I live here now, get my dinner hereee..”

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