5 Excellent Ways To Help Your Newborn Thrive

5 Excellent Ways To Help Your Newborn Thrive

As parents, we all want our babies to have healthy development and a strong foundation. Did you know that the first five years of your baby’s life are crucial for both physical and mental development? These are the key years responsible for helping you child grow and thrive.

You don’t have to be a child expert to give your newborn a great start in life. You can help your baby thrive by following some simple steps.

1. Talk to your baby

Without realizing it, you generally begin to talk to your baby right from the time he is in the womb. Although your baby doesn’t understand the details of the language, it encourages your baby to express his feelings in the form of crying or facial expressions. Talking to your baby regularly will make him a good communicator.

2. Give her the liberty to move around

Your baby needs a lot of room to roll, crawl and walk. In order to achieve this, she needs to have strong muscle development and coordination. Give your baby plenty of space to feel and explore her new little world. Before doing this, ensure that your home is childproofed.

3. Shower her with love and affection

The basic element your baby requires is love and affection. Love and attention have a very positive influence on your baby’s physical, mental and emotional growth. Your baby will reduce his fussing when you respond to him when he is upset. Cuddling, kissing and hugging develop an emotional bond and a sense of security in your baby.

4. Ensure her feeding and sleeping are adequate

Your baby needs to feed sufficiently and sleep well during his first few years. The main growth spurts occur in your baby during feeding and sleeping. Breastfeeding your baby in the initial few months prevents infections and provides immunity. Your baby also requires adequate sleep for growth spurts and brain development. Make sure your baby is comfortable at all times.

5. Encourage and stimulate her senses

For your baby to be well adapted to people and the world around him, it is important that you expose him to both. Play interactive games or choose objects with different textures, colours and shapes to stimulate his sense of touch and vision. You can also introduce musical toys to enhance your baby’s hearing capability. Keeping a daily routine and play time to help him develop his senses would be the best way to start.

Simple everyday interaction with your baby will help your child grow and thrive. If you are feeling too tired, talk to your spouse and ask him to take over for a while. If you choose to put your baby in a child care, make sure you choose one that will ensure your baby’s healthy development. All the best!

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