45+ Funny Disney Riddles With Answers For Children

45+ Awesome Disney Riddles for Kids

Riddles can be thought-provoking or funny brain busters, and they can help your kid engage in lateral thinking and help them develop a sense of creativity in problem-solving. Disney is a favorite among kids. So, what better way to engage their minds and keep their attention than using Disney riddles? We have put together some interesting Disney riddles with answers to help you have fun with your kid.

Super Fun Disney Riddles for Children

Super Fun Disney Riddles for Children

Gear up for some serious fun with many Disney movie riddles, Disney princess riddles, and Disney character riddles that will test your Disney knowledge and keep you thinking, laughing, and enjoying.

1. I am a princess who doesn’t want to get married,
I run away and pretend I’m delusional,
I meet a boy and a monkey,
I meet the same boy posing as a prince,
He takes me on a magical carpet ride.
Who am I?
Answer: Jasmine

2. I have a stepmother,
I love to sing,
I have 7 little friends
Who am I?
Answer: Snow White

3. The dwarfs and Snow White sit down to a bite.
How fast can you guess what she serves them next?
Answer: Seven seconds

4. This is a creature whose ferocious breath can be lethal.
In movies about how to train them, they are seen in a variety of situations.
Toothless was the name of the primary one.
What is the name of this creature?
Answer: Toothless the Dragon

5. Although I was barely a princess;
I had the life of a princess. I am?
Answer: Giselle

6. I am a princess who’s not a princess;
I fight destiny with a lucky insect
Who am I?
Answer: Fa Mulan

7. I don’t like to wash my hands, or sing and dance.
I play the organ in a very different way.
I have to share a cottage with six other people.
And I don’t always have a very nice attitude. Who am I?
Answer: Grumpy

8. I live in the jungle
My father was killed
I am to be king of
the jungle one day
I sing I can’t wait to be king
Answer: Simba

9. Why did Cinderella fail PE class?
Answer: She kept running from the ball

10. Why did Jasmine go to the fruit stand in the Marketplace
Answer: She was looking for a date

11. I want to marry the prince someday
I have a step sister
I love purple, my sister Drezilla loves green
My mother is Lady Tremaine
I am?
Answer: Anastasia

12. Why did Tigger look in the toilet
Answer: He was looking for pooh.

13. Why couldn’t Cinderella win the bike race?
Answer: She had a pumpkin for a coach

14. We are the group of girls Dot belonged to in the film A Bug’s Life? Who are we
Answer: The blueberries

15. I am a Disney Princess
I have brown hair
I love to read
I sing Something There
Who Am I?
Answer: Bell

16. I used to be the favorite
But then someone else came in.
Buzz Lightyear.
Now he is my best friend.
Who I Am?
Answer: Woody

17. Snow White asks the dwarfs a question. 2 of them are lying and 3 can only say the truth.
Bashful: “Dopey lies if Sleepy is honest.”
Dopey: “If Happy doesn’t lie, then Bashful or Sleepy do.”
Happy: “Sneezy lies, as does Bashful or Dopey.”
Sleepy: “If Dopey is honest, then Bashful or Happy do as well.”
Sneezy: “with Bashful, Happy, and Sleepy, there is at least one liar.”
The compulsive liars are?
Answer: The compulsive liars are Sneezy and Dopey

18. Why couldn’t the Queen of Hearts find her hat?
Answer: It was off with her head

19. Why did the Mad Hatter fall in love with his foe?
Answer: Because she was the Queen of his heart.

20. Why was Alice late for tea?
Answer: Because she fell down the rabbit hole.

21. I am a princess who’s trapped and lost in a castle;
Bargain with the witch and fight for a special vessel.
Who am I?
Answer: Eilonwy

22. I am engaged with charm in my search for a switch;
Restored my fate of pride with the touch of a stitch.
Who I Am?
Answer: Merida

23. Why shouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon?
Answer: Because she will let it go

24. What Disney character can count the highest?
Answer: Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond

25. Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball?
Answer: Because Donald ducked.

26. What was the name of Beauty and the beast’s crooner?
Answer: Lumiere

27. I fly around,
I always get jealous,
I have a bad temper,
I always wear green,
I have blond hair.
Who am I
Answer : Tinker Bell

28. I live in China,
I help a human who wants to help her dad,
I give her bad advice walking into camp,
I love doing stuff for my selfish purposes.
Who am I?
Answer: Mushu

29. My mother died when I was little.
I love to sing,
I love a human
My best friend is a fish
Who am I?
Answer: Ariel

30.  I was cursed as a baby,
Three good fairies took me to the forest,
I returned to the castle where the curse came true,
A handsome prince saved me.
Who could I be?
Answer: Sleeping beauty

31. I live in the jungle,
I was found in a tree,
I grew up in the jungle,
I wear a brown tarp,
I save a girl from Baboons,
I slide on tree branches.
Who am I?
Answer: Tarzan

32. My appetite consists of four dozen eggs a day.
And I wish to marry the odd girl in town.
All the girls swoon when I pass them by.
And I want to kill a beast that means no harm.
Who am I?
Answer: Gaston

33. I am a princess who stands for her own;
Speak the secret through a piece of stone.
Who am I?
Answer: Dot

34. I’m usually black and white but I’m not a newspaper
I have wings but I’m, not an airplane
I lay eggs but I’m not a chicken
I eat fish but I’m not a whale
I appeared in the movie Madagascar but I’m, not a zebra
Who am I?
Answer: Penguin

35. I come from a place where different from the rest;
Yet by the perfect fit, I’d proved I’m the best.
Who am I?
Answer: Nancy Tremaine (Enchanted)

36. I am a princess, forced to be a bride;
Find my true love in someone aside.
Who am I?
Answer: Mei, Ting-Ting & Su (Mulan II)

37. Why did Mickey Mouse go to space?
Answer: To Look for Pluto

38. Which Disney movie features Mother Gothel?
Answer: Rapunzel

39. What is Captain Hook’s pirate ship called?
Answer: The Jolly Roger

40. Why are there no planes where Peter Pan lives?
Answer: Because there is a sign that says “Never Neverland”

41. How does the ocean say hello to Ariel?
Answer: It waves

42. Where did Captain Hook buy his hook?
Answer: The second-hand store.

43. I am the smartest of them all;
Living a life that had a deep, deep fall.
Who am I?
Answer: Kidagakash (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

44. I am a tiny flaw but also a sweetheart;
Getting around with my own special cart.
Who am I?
Answer: Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)

45. I am in love with a maiden.
I can disguise myself very well.
I give to the poor and take from the rich.
I am a good shot with an arrow.
Who am I?
Answer: Robin Hood

46. I am the one who looked for a swift;
Being a perfect bride is my perfect gift.
Who am I?
Answer: Tiana

47. What happens when Olaf throws a temper tantrum?
Answer: He has a meltdown

There you go! Hope you and your family can share these riddles and have loads of fun.

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