How to identify and nurture talent in young babies

4 Ways to Identify and Promote Talents in Toddlers for Future Success

Talent identification process can be very different from toddler to toddler but has the same core objective -identifying talent at the right time and nurturing it in the right direction. As a parent, your responsibility is paying attention to your child’s innate skills and talent, so as to develop and promote her growth in the right manner.

All toddlers don’t exhibit overt talent at a young age and many maintain an enigmatic personality well into their later years. For a parent, therefore, it becomes very difficult to identify their child’s talent and nurture or promote it.

How to Identify your Baby’s Hidden Talent

1. Pay attention to her daily activities

If your child likes to sing or hum all the time or draw on every clean piece of paper or wall she can find, then it is not difficult for you to identify that your child is inclined towards fine arts. But if she talks a lot and cooks up a lot of stories, then a natural talent for career as an orator, an anchor or a lawyer may be present in your toddler. Make it a point to observe how your child behaves throughout the day to identify her affinities and interests.

2. Monitor her play habits

Some children are more reserved than others. It is better to observe their play habits rather than monitoring their every activity as they are most likely to open up during play time. Notice the level of aggression, passion or commitment your child shows towards various aspects of play to identify her hidden talents.

3. Try a variety of recreational options

To completely explore your child’s potential, you must expose her to various recreational and developmental options. What she chooses to do with her time will clearly indicate her interests and her talent. What kind of television she watches and what kind of games she likes to play can give you an indication of her personality too.

4. Pose challenges to understand her limits

Once you have identified your child’s natural talent, indulge her in more challenging tasks to see how well developed her natural abilities are. While you may be mildly surprised, your toddler will cross a new developmental milestone too!


Ways to Promote Talent in Young Babies

Once you are certain of your child’s capabilities and affinities, the next logical step in talent identification process is promoting this talent.

  • Try to bring her into common forums or social platforms where children with similar talents or interests are present. This could further bolster your toddler’s interest in her inherent talent.
  • You may or may not be prepared to guide your child in the right direction. You can seek professional support and guidance to your child in an effort to promote her talent.
  • Ensure that your child is interested in pursuing a talent and is not feeling pressured by your aspirations.
  • Appreciate efforts and contributions instead of chasing after concrete results. Children need constant motivation to excel in their desired field and as a parent you have to offer that in abundance.

Every child has a unique talent. Endeavor to explore, identify and cultivate it. If recognized at the right time, not only can your child’s talent pave a career path for her, but also shape her personality and life!

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