4 Easy DIY Dream Catchers Crafts for Kids

4 Creative DIY Dream Catchers For Kids

Dream catchers came into being when a grandmother saved a spider from being killed by her grandchild. The spider vowed to catch any bad dreams that came and protected her kids as a token of gratitude. Dream catchers don’t just look fascinating, the different designs, colours, and embellishments make the process of creating them a true art.

Beautiful Dream Catcher Crafts For Kids

If you kid is curious about dream catchers or always wanted to make one for himself, try out these simple designs he can easily make at home. All you’ll need are a few things lying around your house, some time, a bit of creativity, and a spirit for fun. Let’s get started then.

1. Star Dream Catcher

Our star dream catcher craft for preschoolers requires less time and effort. It’s very beginner-friendly, and kids love the process.

What You Will Need

You will require just a few items for this:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn (of 3 different colours)
  • 1 metal ring
  • Beads
  • Glue
  • Feathers


Making our special dream catcher’s yarn is simple. Here is a step-by-step process of making a children’s dream catcher.

  • Get a metal ring or make your own by cutting out one from a margarine container.
  • Make a double knot around the ring using a blue yarn and leave about one-inch of yarn outside the loop
  • Wrap the yarn around the edge of the ring and keep wrapping until the entire ring is covered in blue yarn. You should get a blue yarn ring now.
  • Get some yarn in a colour of your choice and make a double knot beside the blue one.
  • Wrap the yarn around the ring. Go all over the edges creating a web in the centre of the ring.
  • When you’re done, tie the red yarn to the inch-long blue yarn you left outside the loop. Cut out any excess that’s left hanging
  • Cut about a feet of a different-coloured yarn and tie it to the bottom of the ring. Cut out any excess.
  • Thread in a few beads to add some weight to the thread.
  • Add a feather by slipping its end through the bottom opening of the beads.
  • Use some glue to secure the feather.
  • Make some more hangings some yarn, beads and feathers and tie them to the ring.

2. CD Dream Catcher

Have a few recycled discs lying around the house? Don’t throw them away! It’s time to put them to good use.

What You Will Need

  • Recycled CDs
  • Scissors
  • Beads, pom-poms, etc.
  • Sharpie markers
  • Tacky glue
  • Needle
  • Yarn in your preferred colours.


Here’s how you make it:

  • Take some yarn and wrap the CD with it.
  • Take a different coloured yarn and tie it to the first layer of yarn at the back of the CD.
  • Then, push it through the hole, and thread a needle into it.
  • Start weaving by moving this thread over and under the CD, through the centre hole till you cover the entire CD creating a web-like pattern on it.
  • Push the ends below the weave to hide them and trim, if needed.
  • You can add another layer this way in a different colour.
  • Cut some yarn strings, about 8 inches and tie them to the end of the disc.
  • Thread some beads, pom poms, etc. and use the glue to secure the ends.

3. Heart Dream Catchers

Got a few paper plates near you and some yarn? It’s time to get creativity!


What You Will Need

  • Paper plates
  • Paper (for the heart design)
  • Scissors
  • Punching machine
  • Yarn in colours of your choice
  • Beads, feathers, etc.


If you’re looking for the easiest way to make dream catchers for kids, you will find this one perfect.

  • Cut a hole in the centre of a paper plate.
  • Use a punching machine to make tiny holes around the rim. You will be passing the yarn through these holes with the big “hole” being used for the heart design
  • Make a heart cutout using paper (with another heart shape within the cut out itself) and keep it at the centre of the paper plate.
  • Weave the yarn by pass it through the tiny holes at the rim, take them over the heart cutout, and through the centre hole.
  • Continue doing this till you cover all the punched holes along the edge of the paper plate.
  • Cut about 8-inches of yarn strings and tie them to the weave on the paper plate.
  • Attach some beads, feathers, etc. to the ends of these strings.

4. Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher

If your kids can’t handle tying up yarns, you’d want to keep things simple. This is a dream catcher that doesn’t need any yarns!

What You Will Need

  • Assorted pipe cleaners
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Assorted beads


Follow these steps to make your very own pipe cleaner dream catcher.

  • Line up three pipe cleaners next to each other with about an inch of overlap
  • Create a hoop by linking the ends and make it more durable by adding in the other pipe cleaners.
  • Bend them into a circular shape and wind a yarn around them to hold them in place.
  • Tug it in and add ann extra 3-inch space while making the hoop. Get more pipe cleaners and twist them over the ring to make it thicker. Your loop is ready and now it has structure.
  • Now, bring the yarn over the hoop and tie it around the ring. Make sure it’s wrapped firmly but not too tight so that the ring doesn’t look squished..
  • Once you get to the top, make a knot and leave a little excess of the yarn. Bring the wool around 3-inches down the hoop and wrap it over the hoop. Do this again and keep going all the way around, circling the ring and making a hexagonal shape with the yarn. Repeat this step but this time go over the wool instead of the ring to make a weaving pattern. Tie up the loose ends.
  • Once your shape is done, it’s time to add some finishing touches. For your danglers, you’ll be making tassels. For this, you need woollen threads of a different colour. Wrap them in loops over your fingers. Add 1 cm of woollen yarn around the center and tie it to secure well. Trim the ends using scissors
  • Link the tassels to your dream catcher with another woollen thread. Tie that around the bottom edge of the ring. You can even add beads just above your tassel by passing the yarn through them.
  • Hang your dream catcher by getting another yarn and suspend the hoop by tying it to the top.

So this is how you make dream catchers at home. They’re not too difficult and you’ll find them pretty straight forward. Try out our techniques or get creative by reinventing the wheel. We’re sure you’ll have a blast with the kids.

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