4 Common Habits That Can Give Moms a Skin Rash

4 Common Habits That Can Give Moms a Skin Rash

From conception till childbirth, your body is home to hormones raging wildly. There are umpteen changes going on in your system that don’t end on your delivery date. In fact, the postpartum phase is also a period of great change as your body slowly heals and recuperates. During this process, hormonal changes can sometimes trigger a common but painful skin condition – rashes.

This rash usually manifests itself in the form of itchy, scaly skin that could appear swollen and red. Some women also experience small, raised bumps on the lower abdomen and breasts – a condition called PUPPP.Though these rashes are not harmful for you or your baby in the long run, they sure can bring a lot of discomfort,not to forget itching! While postpartum rashes are fairly common and affect a large number of women for no apparent reason, there are a few habits that exacerbate them.Check out this list of habits that are easy to fall prey to but dangerous for your skin.

Taking Too Much Stress

This one seems like a given after you have just become a mother. Is it even possible to not be stressed? You will not be getting enough sleep, the baby will be frequently hungry and crying, and your hormones will make your moods swing wildly.However, being too stressed out causes your body’s cortisol (a stress hormone) levels to rise which can trigger skin breakouts. Enroll your spouse and family for help as much as you can. Try everything in your power to sneak in rest and sleep. You really need it!

Not Looking After Your Skin At All

Caring for your skin is really hard when you’re a new mom. In fact, it seems like a luxury you cannot afford.Many new moms ignore their skin for days at stretch, forgetting all about washing, scrubbing and moisturizing.Postpartum skin is already very vulnerable and this habit propels the occurrence of rashes. Make it a point to NEVER forget skincare.Every day, on freshly washed, clean skin, apply Himalaya FOR MOMS anti-rash cream. This is specially formulated using a concoction of herbs and clinically tested for efficacy on postpartum skin. Since the composition is completely natural, be rest assured that it’s without any side effects for you and your baby.

Not Eating a Balanced Diet

Another bodily change that happens during pregnancy is that your immune system gets slightly suppressed.This is to limit your body’s reaction to the baby. In the postpartum stage too, your body is susceptible to developing a new allergy.Food-based allergies are especially common in the period after delivery. Some of these can set off a nasty rash if you are not careful about your diet.If you have a history of allergy, get into a consultation with your doctor and figure out the foods you should stay away from.

Dehydrating Yourself and Your Skin

During your pregnancy, your body has estrogen and progesterone surging in your veins – hormones that contribute to keeping your skin hydrated and supple.But after delivery, there is a sharp drop in the level of these hormones. The result? Your skin’s capacity to retain water comes down.This leaves it dry, inelastic and less supple. The likelihood of developing rashes also goes up exponentially.Plus, since you’re very busy at this time, you may not be drinking enough water or giving your skin the extra hydration it needs. One quick fix is to use a body butter by Himalaya  .It is available in the flavours of rose, lavender and jasmine and has nourishing properties to gradually restore your skin’s suppleness.

Remember this, moms: understanding the root cause of a problem is the first step toward dealing with it. Looking after your skin is important not just for your comfort and confidence but also for your baby.The little one loves touching and feeling your skin and you have a responsibility toward humouring his demand!

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