Twin Pregnancy Week 33: Symptoms, Fetal Development & Body Changes

33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

You’ve reached the 33rd week of your pregnancy, and you must be excited (and nervous)! A few more weeks to go, and you will have your munchkins in your arms. As a new mom, you must also be curious about your babies’ growth. In each week of pregnancy, your babies will grow, and you will want to know how they are developing. In this article, we will be discussing about twins at 33 weeks of pregnancy and what a mom-to-be should know about their babies’ growth if she is expecting twins at this stage. We will also take a look at some pregnancy care tips at 33 weeks.

Growth of the Babies at 33 Weeks

At week 33, the growth rate of your twins or multiples in your womb will slow down, but they will continue to develop in intricate ways.

The survival tendencies begin to take the spotlight once again as the bodies of your little ones rehearse all the necessary actions that will keep them alive outside. Right from breathing in amniotic fluid to attempting to swallow it up as well as suck the thumb, these actions are what makes it evident to the babies as well as the doctors, of their readiness to thrive outside the womb.

Ossification and hardening of the bones complete or reach the final stage by now. A baby’ bones are pretty strong. The skull tends to be soft since the ideal way of delivery would be headfirst through the birth canal.

Along with the rate of growth, the frequency that your babies indulge in their activities and a variety of antics will see a decrease too. It makes complete sense since these little ones barely have any space to turn into an acrobat, the way they used to earlier. Irrespective of that, you would be able to feel their jabs and kicks a bit more strongly than before. If your babies tend to be surprisingly silent, you can give them a nudge to move by drinking cold water, a cup of warm milk, or humming a song you know they like. Any absence of movement despite all efforts should be brought to the doctor’s notice immediately.

Size of the Babies at 33 Weeks

Wondering about the size of twins at 33 weeks? Around the 33rd week of pregnancy, your little ones would now be as large as a pineapple. Their height would be around 41-43 centimetres and they would weigh around 1.6-1.8 kilograms. By this week, your babies would be pretty healthy, making their presence felt.

Twin babies

Common Bodily Changes

As your little ones grow, your body will go certain changes during the 33rd week of your pregnancy.

  • Swelling is one of the constant changes in the last leg of pregnancy. There would rarely be any part of the body that would not have been swollen by this week. Water retention and blood circulation are major culprits for swelling in the body and one of the consequences of swelling are numbness in those regions as well. At times, women tend to feel numbness to such an extreme degree, that it might get difficult to control their limbs properly. Imagine sitting on a chair for long hours only to notice your feet having lost any sensation. That’s pretty much how it feels like. Swelling puts an undue pressure on the nerves present inside, which results in the numbness taking over that area. Women who live a sedentary lifestyle often face this problem, but, it can be easily tackled by changing the posture frequently, especially more often during the day. However, if the loss of sensation doesn’t improve immediately after changing posture, you must consult your gynaecologist immediately.
  • Being pregnant with twins or triplets will obviously make your belly large. And by the 33rd week of your pregnancy, you may have trouble moving around. You will waddle around a lot. The presence of a large belly and the changing body structure will make you adjust your gait and posture to move around effectively.
  • Apart from the numbness that results from the nerves undergoing pressure from the swelling, there’s also a very specific ache that occurs due to that very same reason. An important nerve exists within your body that is present in the lower back region, passing through the butt and in the lower region of the thigh and calves. Termed as the sciatic nerve, this is a major reason why sciatica pain seems to be evident in many pregnant women. Any compression or constriction of the nerve can cause a sharp pain to shoot up in your legs. The only way to calm this down is to stop any kind of activity and indulge in a resting period as soon as you can and consult a neurologist if it’s unbearable.

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 33 Weeks

Your body will take a lot of load in the 33rd week of its pregnancy. The increasing weight of the twins or multiples can cause the symptoms to worsen during this time period too. The 33 weeks pregnant with twins symptoms include:

  • Taking rest and not indulging in strenuous activities is what most pregnant women follow in the final trimester of the pregnancy. Despite that, there might be instances when you notice yourself dripping in sweat and feeling extremely hot. You may think that you have a fever or some other illness, but that isn’t usually the case. The reason for such a symptom to occur is your increased metabolism in this stage of the pregnancy. Since all metabolic processes are exothermic, all the heat that is released inside emerges out of the body, causing the temperature to increase and making you feel hot all the time. Hence, you should opt for wearing breathable clothes.
  • While pregnancy might make you forget things constantly, it can also set in headaches at random times of the day. Hormones are a major culprit, while prolonged dehydration could also trigger them. However, stress tends to be a strong factor as well with numerous thoughts and worries related to your safety and the labour flooding your brain all the time. Any absence of rest can make matters worse.
  • Most babies might descend lower into the uterus & change their orientation. But if your babies don’t, you may continue to feel out of breath when you engage in any kind of activity. At times, this may result in dizziness as well, making you feel tired and exhausted. Exercising can get difficult, which is why it is necessary to take frequent breaks in your last leg of pregnancy.

Belly at 33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

By this week, being pregnant with twins or triplets will be no piece of cake. Signs of labour will become your one and only focus. You will also observe your belly for any further changes. By now, your tummy will have grown quite large and would only make moving difficult. You may experience Braxton Hicks contractions, making you extra careful and aware that it can be any day now.

Twin/Multiple Pregnancy – Ultrasound at 33 Weeks

The ultrasound that you underwent last week would be an intensive one, which would repeat only the week after this one. If you were to have an ultrasound this week, you would notice babies keeping their eyes open while awake, they may also coordinate breathing with sucking. Your doctor may opt to take a repeat scan, in case of identical twins or to check for other complications.

33 weeks twin ultrasound

What to Eat?

The craving for calcium-rich foods might get stronger in this week since your babies will harden to full capacity. Fibrous food items such as plums and other fruits should be included in your diet. You should avoid eating spicy foods and your intake of water should be optimum to combat dehydration, reduce heartburn, as well as to keep digestion intact.

Pregnancy Care Tips

Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to take care of your pregnancy this week.


  • Keep a bag prepared for your hospital delivery with things for yourself and your babies.
  • You can have sex with your partner this week as this might be the last week where it will be safe and conducive for you.


  • Avoid sleeping on your back since it can put pressure on your heart.
  • Don’t force your doctor to conduct an episiotomy if she thinks caesarean is the safest way to deliver your babies.

What You Need to Shop for?

The final weeks of your pregnancy would require:


1. Can Twin Pregnancy Delivered at 33 Weeks?

Yes, a twin pregnancy end in preterm delivery (before 37 weeks), approximately 36 weeks (range 32-38 weeks depending on the type of twin pregnancy).

2. Do 33-Week Twins Need NICU?

A baby born at 33 weeks may need to spend some time in the NICU, even if their condition is stable after birth.

You are 33 weeks pregnant with twins, and while we understand that you must be nervous, try to be positive and focus on good things in life, you will have a healthy delivery!


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