Twin Pregnancy Week 28: Symptoms, Fetal Development & Body Changes

28 Weeks Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

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The entire journey of pregnancy is peppered with various milestones, which function as a great way to keep track of the progress of the babies as well as the mother. Carrying twins at 28 weeks is a crucial milestone, since it officially welcomes the third trimester for you. Your doctors, too, would begin to focus more intensely on various aspects of your babies, ensuring that they are at their fittest and best when they come out into the real world.

Right from understanding their position, to choosing how to deliver them successfully, a lot of decision making begins to take place this week. All of these points are important in mitigating any fatal risks the babies might face in these final months, and increase the chances of you holding healthy babies in your arms.

The Growth of the Babies at 28 Weeks

The onset of the third trimester marks yet another stage in the development of your babies inside you. This usually does not affect the length of the babies anymore, but their weight and development continue to progress. With a fully developed skeletal structure that continues hardening over the months, fat layers begin to increase, and start making your little ones chubby and cute.

Your babies don’t yet have fully developed lungs, and they will continue to grow step by step every week. The placenta that was providing all the nourishment and substances required for sustenance also grows in size, along with the demands of the babies. It, itself, would be as heavy as a kilogram.

The activities of your little ones will continue with increased intensity. The movement and blinking of eyes will increase in frequency, as your babies will set into a cycle of sleeping and awakening as appropriate for them. Brain convolution development will continue further, with increased sensitivity to different stimuli. The amniotic fluid that was completely surrounding your babies will reduce in quantity progressively. This will continue to happen, since the babies will take up most of the space inside the uterus, leaving very little amniotic fluid by the end of the pregnancy.

What is the Size of the Babies?

Next time you pop into a supermarket to get some vegetables for the house, take a good look at the eggplants! That’s about how large your babies are inside you. Their length usually does not increase much during this week, staying somewhere around 37 centimetres when measured from their head down to their toes. However, their weight would have jumped up quite a bit, leaving each baby to be nearly 850-900 grams.

What is the Size of the Babies?

Average Weight of Twins at 28 Weeks

The average weight of twins at 28 weeks of gestation can vary, typically around 2.2 to 2.7 pounds (1 to 1.2 kilograms) each. Remember that this is just an approximate average, and there can be significant variation among individual pregnancies. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider for specific information about your pregnancy.

Common Bodily Changes

All that your babies are doing throughout this week, for most of the time, is merely gaining fat and weight steadily. This is precisely what your body needs to adapt itself to, and is undergoing changes to suit it.

  • The activities that your little ones participate in, within their wonderfully cosy home inside you, can be felt by you in various forms. Mothers begin to experience kicks, punches, and other such acrobatics that the babies carry out.
  • Another addition is when your babies start to experience hiccups. Since they are taking in amniotic fluid in large quantities as an act of breathing, it tends to flow through the diaphragm speedily, causing hiccups to ensue. While you may not hear the sounds or experience it on the outside when that does happen, the sensations that you feel within you have been termed by many pregnant women to be some of the most enjoyable and funny moments throughout pregnancy.
  • Swelling would be a factor that most women get used to by the time the third trimester makes its appearance. While those may not be painful all the time, there can be instances when cramps occur all of a sudden. Mothers may experience a weird sensation in their legs, especially the region around the calves, which feels like cramps. These usually arise when you are lying down for a small break, or even when sleeping peacefully in your bed. Doctors are yet to find out why cramps arise; nevertheless, a simple flexing or stretching of the feet and toes, as well as standing on a cold floor, can cause the cramps to fade away.
  • There is something fantastic and marvellous about the fact that the uterus can make a large space for itself inside your body, without causing much pain. Pain is a cause for worry, especially in the pelvic region where the uterus is primarily located. But most of the time, there is merely a sensation of pressure there. This begins to get a lot more area-specific, and quite evident in the latter stages of the pregnancy, since the babies start increasing in size tremendously. If the orientation of a baby is such that the head is resting in the pelvic region, the pressure can be felt higher than normal. Whenever this happens, it is important to rest for a few minutes until the pressure wanes.

Twin pregnancy at 28 weeks - back pain

Symptoms Of Twin Pregnancy at 28 Weeks

The various 28 weeks pregnant with twins symptoms you experience in would seem extremely strong in comparison to the rather peaceful weeks that you had just a while ago.

  • Your pregnancy would suddenly be synonymous with a dull ache covering the entire body. The cause could vary from the heavyweight babies in your tummy to the hormones wreaking havoc in various body regions. Combined with the stress of the pregnancy, the ache can quickly take its toll on you. Relaxation and breathing exercises are the best way to counter it.
  • If you have been working while you were pregnant, these weeks will start making extensive movements a little tiring for you. The large size of the babies will inevitably put some pressure on the organs responsible for breathing effectively. With a lower amount of breath and, consequently, less oxygen inhaled, it is natural for you to feel exhausted easily. Furthermore, you might also face random contractions that can strike at any moment of the day. These minor contractions and shortness of breath can sometimes disorient and frustrate you.
  • The increasing size of your breasts would have peaked in the previous weeks, but there would be times when they end up leaking milk or yellow-coloured colostrum all of a sudden. This leaking can even be in quantities, causing you to soak your bra and, unfortunately, your clothes. This is normal but needs to be taken care of.
  • Twin pregnancies typically result in more significant weight gain for the mother than a singleton pregnancy. This is because two babies are growing and developing simultaneously, which requires more nutrients and energy.
  • At 28 weeks, your abdomen may appear noticeably larger than a singleton pregnancy’s. This is due to the presence of two growing fetuses, which can lead to greater abdominal discomfort and stretching of the skin.
  • Many women carrying twins experience heightened heartburn and indigestion due to the pressure on the stomach from the growing fetuses. This can be managed with dietary adjustments and by avoiding trigger foods.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly At 28 Weeks

With the 7th month of the pregnancy on you, the belly would be as big as it has never been before. The round curvature would be highly pronounced, and the stretch marks could also get stronger, given how intensely the skin needs to stretch itself. An itching sensation could emerge as a result of it.

Certain creams, gels, or oils can help reduce the marks and calm the itching sensation. These are usually safe during pregnancy, and do not harm the baby.

Twin Pregnancy At 28 Weeks – Ultrasound

Twin Pregnancy At 28 Weeks - Ultrasound

Women with normal pregnancies or separate twins usually don’t undergo a scan yet. Most doctors tend to conduct an ultrasound scan in the 28th week of the pregnancy if any prior pregnancy complications have been detected or if a woman might have identical twins in her womb. These scans, too, are part of a normal routine to monitor the progress of the pregnancy and the babies.

Scans at 28 weeks pregnant with twins ultrasound don’t reveal much about the babies, except for some eyelashes, which will be evident in the coming weeks.

What to Eat?

Most doctors will ask you to stick to a specialised diet that focuses on you keeping yourself healthy, and the babies putting on weight as quickly as possible. A dietitian might also be recommended, who can specify each food item and its quantity down to the letter. Frequent meals are the way to go, here on out. Nearly 6 meals a day is the perfect number. Major calories should enter the body in the mornings, while ramping down the intake towards evenings. Consumption of salt needs to be cut down, to reduce any bouts of swelling. Specific dietary adjustments might be required if the woman has diabetes.

What to Eat

Pregnancy Care Tips

Ensuring a few basic habits and tips can maintain your safety and health at optimal levels.


  • If there are any medical appointments required, book them in advance right away.
  • Begin to keep track of your babies’ kicks and note them down.


  • Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, since it can disturb your babies’ progress.
  • Don’t eliminate exercises completely from your schedule.

What You Need to Buy?

Once you know you are having multiple babies, you can purchase specific products for them, such as:

  • Matching twin onesies
  • Car seats explicitly made for twins or triplets
  • Twin-Specific Baby Gear: Consider purchasing or preparing twin-specific baby gear, such as double strollers, two-car seats, and cribs. 
  • Nursery Setup: Ensure the nursery is ready by setting up the cribs, changing table, and organising baby clothes and supplies. 

If you’re having twins at 28 weeks, you will have a lot of things on your mind while you continue to balance your mood and health to be at your best. You will need support, clove and warmth from your loved ones. So don’t be afraid to ask for any help that could make your time better and easier!


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