40+ Fun Riddles to Announce Pregnancy News

40+ Best Pregnancy Announcement Riddles

The arrival of a new baby in the family is a great occasion for every couple. As the would-be parents, you want to break your good news to your loved ones. However, a simple announcement or just telling will diminish the joy of the big news.

There are various ways to announce the pregnancy. Telling it with a riddle will be surprising for everybody as they solve the riddle. You can share these riddles for announcing pregnancy on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with your loved ones and let them solve it there.

Funny Riddles to Announce Pregnancy

Announcing your pregnancy is a big thing. So, why not make it a little fun with the help of the funny pregnancy announcement riddles mentioned below?

  1. My belly tickles, and I crave pickles. Can you guess, or should we be more obvious with this riddle?
  2. Weather update for September 12, a shower can be foreseen. Worry not. You do not need to carry an umbrella!
  3. The fact that both I and cottage cheese roll come stuffed these days!
  4. We have predicted our future and are happy to announce that we will not be sleeping, having time to ourselves, or looking for a tidy house after nine months.

Sweet Riddles for Pregnancy Announcement

Time to announce the sweetest news of your life but don’t know what to say? We are here to help you out with the sweetest riddles to break your pregnancy news to your loved ones.

  1. By the end of the next nine months, our family will be growing by two little feet. It’s not a pet. Can you explain what it is?
  2. We have added something to our cart, and the status is “arriving soon”.
  3. Not going to complain, even if I miss my sleep or crave something sour or sweet.
  4. Make sure you mark our future invites as three and not two for us.
  5. Tiny little clothes and shiny little shoes! It’s time to shop for only little items. What do you think we are up to?
  6. And the swollen feet and morning sickness days are here to stay!
  7. These days I’m smiling and crying at the same time. It’s a good news, do you understand what I’m telling you this time?
  8. Soon my tummy will look like the letter D, as B is on the way!
  9. Suggest a sweet name. I’ll be needing it soon!
  10. In love with baby peas, baby carrots, baby chocolate and everything baby these days!

Easy Riddles to Announce Your Pregnancy

Announcing your pregnancy in the riddle form is a creative and fun way. Your family and friends will enjoy solving the riddles and the answer will delight them.

Here are a few easy pregnant riddles to announce your big news:

1. “I can bring a smile to your face,
    A tear to your eyes,
    Or even a thought to your mind.
    But, I can’t be seen just yet.
    What am I?”

2. “What rhymes with Maybe,
     And starts with a ‘B’,
    And will be there in nine short months?”

3. “Pink or Blue
    I still don’t know.
    Will have to wait
    Till ****(name of the delivery month) to see.
    What am I?”

4. “Could be Pink,
     Could be Blue.
     All we know is,
    That we are Due!!!”

5. “What is tiny, causing me lots of grief, and will make its appearance in (birth month)?”

cute pregnancy accouncement

Difficult Riddles to Reveal Pregnancy

You have decided to announce your pregnancy via a riddle. If you want them to spend some time guessing the answers, an easy riddle won’t do. So here are some hard pregnancy riddles, to keep your family guessing for a long time:

1. “What gets a shower, but doesn’t get wet?”

2. “I’m small but very important. I’m free to make but expensive to maintain.  I’m noticeable but you cannot see me. What am I?”

3. “Small and tiny
     It grows and grows.
     When the time comes
     Away we go!!”

4. This riddle is perfect to tell your husband your big news.
    “It’s been you and me
    For quite some time.
    And a house too big
    For two lonely souls,
    But that’s going to change,
    In a few short months.
    For heaven has heard
    Our secret desire.
    Our family is growing,
    By one heart and two feet.”

5. “I’m small but very important.  I’m free to make but expensive to maintain. I’m noticeable but you cannot see me. What am I?”

Poetic Baby Announcement Riddles

Poetic pregnancy announcements are cute and sweet.  They make your family humming the poem and, at the same time, wondering what is it about. The answer will definitely pleasantly surprise them.

Here are some poetic baby announcement riddles:

1. “Twinkle, twinkle little star.
     How I wonder what you are?
     Pink or Blue, who can say?
    We will be happy either way.”

2. “Roses are red.
      Violets are Blue.
     Chocolate is sweet
     But not as sweet as you.
     Cupid’s been busy.
     So we are due.”

3. “What has ten fingers
      And ten little toes,
     Two sleepy eyes
     And a cute button nose?
     What has two feet,
     And a belly to tickle,
     And cause a craving for ice-cream and pickle?
     With just one more hint,
     We’re sure you’ll see,
     The answer to this riddle
     Begins with ‘B’.
     And it’s coming in —(number) months.”

4. This poetic riddle is one of the cutest pregnancy riddles for grandparents. The grandparents will be thrilled after hearing it.

  • “It grows, it grows and grows
    for nine short months
    and it brings joy and happiness
    to all in the house.
    Its cry is the sweetest sound,
    its smile the most precious thing,
    its cute face makes the heart melt.
    It’s time to start making preparations, granddad, and grandma. We’re having a baby on the way.  Yay!”

5. “The baker and I have something in common.
      Dare you make a guess?
      That’s right, people.
     We both are cooking
     A Bun in our ovens.”

couple announcing pregnancy

Riddles to Announce Pregnancy to Your Husband, Family and Friends

Breaking the news of the pregnancy to your husband and loved ones should be a little entertaining. Here are some riddles you can use to tell them the big news.

1) For Husband

Here are pregnancy riddles for a husband.

  1. What comes after two? It’s three. That’s what we’ll be!
  2. You’ll be covering the bridge from being the best husband to being the best dad very quickly!
  3. Here’s an idea, why don’t we buy a mini version of our shoes and clothes? We’ll be needing it soon!
  4. Pink or blue. What’s your favourite colour, or should we wait for the next nine months to know?

2) For Your Family and Friends

Here are pregnancy riddles for family.

  1. We’ve decided that we no longer want to sleep, have time to ourselves, or have a clean house.
  2. I’m small but very important and loved already. I’m free to make but expensive over time. You’ll see me very soon but cannot see me yet. What am I?
  3. We’re resting up while we can. We will be missing a lot of sleep starting in (due date month).
  4. You can stop buying us wine, perfumes, and similar presents. From now on, we’ll only need things like baby onesies, bibs, bottles, and pillows for breastfeeding. Can you tell me why?
  5. It’s time to welcome me! Go on and start preparing, uncle and aunt.

Riddles to Announce Pregnancy to Grandparents

  1. Roses are red. Violets are blue. You are going to be grandparents, say woo-hoo!
  2. Now you have a reason to visit us even more, for grandparents are the kid’s best friends.
  3. Let’s click a family picture of 4 this time, be ready to have one more family member the next time!
  4. We saw a dream; it said the family members should now be five, and we agreed!

Second Baby Announcement Riddles

If you are becoming parents for the second time and want to tell your family the good news through a riddle, then these are just the riddles for you.

1. Send this riddle via email to your family paired with your family picture of you with your first child.

  • “Cost of camera……$200
     Cost of e-mail……free
     Getting our child to smile for a family picture….impossible
     Counting how many people are actually in this picture…priceless”

2. “We are pleased to announce that due to hard work and a good attitude we will be promoting our youngest son/daughter to big brother/sister.”

3. “Oops, we did it again!”

Clever Riddles About Being Pregnant With Twins

You have a family and friends full of clever people. So why not make them test their brains with clever riddles about your announcement of having twins. Here are some clever riddles about being pregnant with twins:

1. Give them this simple yet tricky pregnancy announcement brain teaser.
    1 1 =4

2. This riddle is too clever for even your most intelligent family.
    “One dream became two!”

3. Say it with pictures and make them guess.
    “So good you can’t have just one (with a photo of a baby onesie, shoes, etc)”

Ways to Announce Pregnancy Using Riddles

There are many ways to announce that you are expecting, but riddles are one of the best ways to do so. But it’s not that simple to announce your pregnancy using riddles. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use to announce pregnancy using fun, entertaining and sweet riddles.

  1. You can send the riddle as a text message, voice message, or picture message.
  2. You can also create a scavenger hunt riddle game for your family and friends.
  3. You can surprise your husband with a photo shoot and then include the riddle in it.
  4. You can use social media channels to announce your pregnancy.
  5. You can send a sweet card with a riddle to the soon-to-be grandparents.


1. How Long Should You Wait to Announce Pregnancy?

Generally, people wait for the first trimester to end, i.e. 12-13 weeks before they share the news with friends and family. But there can be other factors as well that can influence parents–to–be to wait before sharing the big news to others.

2. Is 8 Weeks Early to Reveal Pregnancy?

Every person’s circumstances are different, and therefore, there are no set rules when you choose to announce your pregnancy. So, it’s totally up to you if you wish to announce your pregnancy at 8 weeks or 18 weeks.

Pregnancy announcement riddles are a unique way to announce the good news. Announcing your big news with a riddle will surprise and excite your family and friends as they finally solve the riddle. So, choose a riddle which is perfect for your news and make your near ones busy with solving it.

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