Right Time to Announce Your Pregnancy: Benefits and Drawbacks

When is the Right Time to Announce Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is an exciting time of your life, and you may want to share this amazing news with your loved ones right away. However, finding the right time and situation to tell people about your pregnancy can be tricky. This article helps you make a decision on when to announce your pregnancy by listing all the pros and cons of various situations.

When is it Best to Declare Your Pregnancy?

If you are wondering when it is safe to announce your pregnancy, the answer is ideally after your first scan has been done and you have completed 12 weeks. This is the time when the risk of miscarriage drops drastically, and the foetal heartbeat can be clearly heard. Hence, a good time to announce a pregnancy is after the 12-week mark so that you do not have to worry about retracting the news in case of a miscarriage.

1. To Family and Close Friends

Informing family about your pregnancy is a joyous occasion. You can tell them right away (before 12 weeks) if you need their support. Announcing pregnancy to parents is another momentous occasion. Your parents will help and support you if you tell them about your pregnancy early on. You also need to make a decision on when to announce the pregnancy to friendsAs news travels fast, you may miss telling some of them personally. So it may be a good idea to tell them together at a gathering.

2. To Your Children

Telling your children that they are going to be an older sibling is an important decision. You may need to wait longer to tell very young children this news as, firstly, they might not understand it and, secondly, they are not good at keeping secrets.

3. At the Workplace

Making a pregnancy announcement to your employer is a decision that you must make after carefully considering various factors, such as the terms of your contract, when you want your maternity leave, whether you are exposed to hazardous chemicals at work, if your job is stressful or if you have pregnancy complications that affect your work. In a normal, healthy pregnancy, you can wait until the end of the first trimester to tell your boss. However, ensure that you tell your boss before you tell your co-workers.

4. On Social Media

Making an announcement about your pregnancy on social media is the same as telling the world. So, before you post the news on social media make sure you tell all your near and dear ones as well as your work-place in person. Also, it is better to wait until the end of the first trimester to announce the news on social media so that the risk of miscarriage is less when you make the announcement.

On Social Media

5. After IVF

Announcing that you have successfully become pregnant after IVF treatment can be a big decision. Here are the different options for when you can tell people:

  • During the Fertility Treatment

You can tell people you are trying to conceive via fertility treatment as soon as you get started.

  • Pro: Fertility treatments can be physically and emotionally very draining. This way, you will have ample support from your loved ones.
  • Con: Everyone will ask you how the treatments are going and you may feel emotionally exhausted explaining things over and over again.
  • Before the Foetal Heartbeat

 Once your pregnancy is confirmed, the doctor will closely observe you until the foetal heartbeat is heard between weeks 6 to 8.

  • Pro: You can finally share your secret and your experience with the fertility treatments.
  • Con: This phase has the highest risk of miscarriage. You will have to retract your news if you miscarry at this stage.
  •  After the Foetal Heartbeat

Once the heartbeat is heard, your fertility specialist will refer you to a regular OBGYN. This is when the pregnancy will feel real for you and your partner.

  • Pro: Telling loved ones at this stage will ensure you have a good support system.
  • Con: Before the first trimester is up, the risk of miscarriage is still high. You may have to retract the happy news in case you miscarry.
  • After the 12 Week

This is the time when the risk of miscarriage diminishes considerably. Most people announce their pregnancy at this time.

  • Pro: You get time to process and enjoy the news with your partner.
  • Con: If you are having multiples, you will start showing early, and people may guess. Also, it is challenging to keep the secret for an entire 3 months.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Announcing Pregnancy

You may decide to announce your pregnancy early (before 12 weeks), or you may decide you want to wait to tell people after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Both decisions have their own sets of pros and cons:

1. Before 12 Weeks

Telling people you are pregnant very early has the following benefits and drawbacks-


  • You will have plenty of support right from the start.
  • You can share the excitement instead of hiding your news.
  • You can get advice from others about good doctors.


  • You may be overwhelmed with advice from everyone.
  • In case of a miscarriage, everyone will know you were expecting a baby.

2. After 12 Weeks

Waiting until after 12 weeks to tell people about your pregnancy has the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • You will have enough time to absorb and process this news.
  • You can make decisions early without the influence or interference of others.


  • You will not have any help or support if you keep your news secret.
  • In case of a miscarriage, people will be perplexed by your grief, and you may have to explain yourself.

When Not to Announce the Pregnancy

There are some situations when it is better not to announce your pregnancy. These include:

  • Stealing the limelight: If you announce your pregnancy on someone else’s big day, such as a family member’s engagement or a wedding, you will end up stealing their limelight and spoiling their big moment.
  • If you have a history of miscarriage: If you have had miscarriages before, it is best to wait until you have completed 12 weeks of pregnancy and your first scan has been done to confirm a normal, healthy pregnancy. This way, you will not have to retract your news in case of an unfortunate miscarriage.
  • Funerals: It is inappropriate to make an announcement that you are pregnant at someone’s funeral, as the place will be filled with mourners.
  • In a fit of anger: If you announce your big news in a fit of anger, it will decrease your happiness about the pregnancy, and it will also diminish the other’s person’s joy.
  • Publicly: If you make an announcement to your loved ones in public, you may see muted responses rather than exuberant reactions.
  • In an interview: It is not a legal requirement to announce your pregnancy at a job interview. It is better to let them know after being hired.
  • Telling your kids before you tell everyone: Children cannot keep secrets. So, unless you are ready to share the news with the world, do not let the kids know first.
  • People with problems: If there are women in your group who have had a miscarriage or have fertility problems, it is best not to make the announcement in their presence. The appropriate action to take is to tell them separately, ahead of time.
  • Before you have had time to absorb the news: If you have not had time to process the news and are not ready to talk about it, it is better to wait and share the news later.

Announcing the pregnancy is a huge decision that you and your partner must take after careful consideration. Ideally, you should tell your parents and close family members first, your children next and then your workplace. Wait until after 3 months to post the news on social media.

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