20 Best Laugh Out Loud Grandpa Jokes for Children

20 Most Hilarious Grandpa Jokes For Kids

There are times when all you need is to laugh together as a family. Knowing a few good jokes can be very helpful at times like these. You can share the joke when the family is together to relax at the end of the day, or any time that you are free. Granddad jokes are some of the funniest jokes that a family can have a good-natured laugh at.

Funniest Grandpa Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Crack a few regular jokes, or come up with a few grandpa puns to get everyone giggling together. Here are some grandfather jokes that the whole family can enjoy:

1. How did grandma get grandpa to stop biting his nails?

Answer: She hid his dentures.

2. What happened to grandpa’s origami business?

Answer: It folded.

3. Why did grandpa put wheels on his wheelchair?

Answer: He wanted to rock n roll.

4. What do you say when a grandpa, his son, and his grandson all hear a joke, laugh a lot, and wet their pants?

Answer: It runs in their ‘jeans’.

5. Why do grandpas always smile?

Answer: Because they cannot hear anything that you are saying.

6. Which one of your relatives chimes every hour?

Answer: A grandfather clock.

7. What did the mother turkey say to her mischievous son?

Answer: If your grandpa saw you now, he would roll over in his gravy!

8. What happened when grandpa insisted to everyone that the Titanic would sink?

Answer: He got kicked out of the theatre.

9. What did grandpa say before he kicked the bucket?

Answer: “How far do you think I can kick the bucket?”

10. What do people call jokes when they get old?

Answer: A grandpa joke.

11. Why do grandfathers count their pennies?

Answer: Nobody else has the time.

12. What do you call a grandpa whale?

Answer: A hunch back whale.

13. Why should you shout-out to your grandpa?

Answer: Because that is the only way, he can hear you.

14. Two grandpas were sitting together. One turns to the other and says, “I am in my eighties now, and everything hurts. You are around the same age as me. Do you feel the same?”

Answer: The second grandpa answers, “I feel the same as a new-born. No teeth, no hair, and I am pretty sure I just peed in my pants.”

15. During a church service, a grandfather leans over to his wife and whispers, “I just let out a fart. It was silent. What should I do now?”

Answer: Grandma answers, “You need to change the batteries in your hearing aid.”

16. What is your grandpa’s usual bedtime?

Answer: It’s three hours after falling asleep on the couch.

17. At a kid’s party, the hired clown was late to arrive. When he finally did arrive, he walked up to grandpa and asked, “Where are the kids, sir?”

Answer: Grandpa looked him straight in the eye and answered very seriously, “That would be us. We grew up in the time it took for you to arrive.”

18. What was the reason for grandpa changing his major?

Answer: So that he could switch to Classics from Literature.

19. Where do you keep your grandad jokes?

Answer: In a ‘grand-dad-a-base’.

20. Why do you have to take permission from grandpa to sell fish?

Answer: Because he is the cod-father.

The internet can be full of naughty jokes, especially for grandpas, but even the children can enjoy these clean jokes for grandpas. By having a few family-friendly jokes to laugh at, you will be able to gain the full benefit of laughing together as a family.

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