20 Funny Kindergarten Jokes To Laugh On Throughout The Day

20 Kindergarten Jokes to Laugh on Throughout the Day

Who does not like to laugh, well, we all surely love to laugh and have fun but more than anyone else it’s the young kids who love to giggle and laugh a lot! And if you are looking for some jokes that can get kindergartners rolling out with laughter or you wish them to start their day on a giggly note, well, this blog caters to that! We have a collection of some really funny jokes for kindergarten students that will amuse them immensely! We recommend reading these rib-tickling jokes!

Funny Kindergarten Jokes

Here we have some of the cutest and funniest kindergarten jokes of the day, that will keep them entertained.

1. What do cows love to do on Friday nights?

Answer: The cows enjoy going to the moooooovies on Fridays!

2. Why did the banana feel like visiting the doctor?

Answer: Because the banana was not ‘peeling’ too well!

3. Can you make a tissue dance?

Answer: Well, yes you can! All you have to do is put some boogie in it!

4. Why do you think the superhero had to flush the toilet? 

Answer: After all, it was his doody!

5. Why do you think the melon decided to jump into the river? 

Answer: Because he wanted to become a water-melon!

6. What did the tree tell the wind when it got annoyed?

Answer: The tree said, “leaf me alone”.

7. When do you come to know that the moon has had enough food?

Answer: When it becomes full!

8. Which is the animal that cheats at games the most?

Answer: It’s the Cheetah who cheats the most!

9. What do sea monsters like to have for lunch?

Answer: They surely enjoy having fish and ships!

10. What would you get when a chicken and pig will bump into each other?

Answer: A yummy breakfast of eggs and ham of course!

11. What would you call a unicorn who is not happy? 

Answer: Well, a sad unicorn is called blue corn!

12. What happened to the cat who ate a ball of yarn?

Answer: She had mittens!

13. This is one of the cutest kindergarten knock-knock jokes!

Knock, Knock

Who is there?


Stan, Who?

Stan back because I am going to sneeze!

14. What is the favorite color of cats?

Answer: Well, most cats like purrrr-ple!

15. How do you think bees go to school?

Answer: They need to catch a buzz!

16. The teacher decided to throw the egg out of the class, why did that happen?

Answer: So that it would stop telling yolks!

17. Why do you think the bear refused to eat at the party?

Answer: Because it was already stuffed!

18. What did the baby corn ask the mommy corn?

Answer: The baby corn asked, ‘where is popcorn’?

19. What is very crunchy, loud, and fast?

Answer: It’s the rocket chip!

20. What did one eye whisper to the other eye?

Answer: Well, don’t be startled but there is something between us that actually smells!

Laughter is the best medicine and rightly so because it not only cheers everyone but also uplifts the mood by bringing a big smile to the face. The same holds true for young kids as well and the importance of sharing a good laugh cannot be undermined. Sharing jokes with kindergartners is not only a great way to break the ice amongst peers but it also enriches the learning atmosphere in the class. A good laugh also helps in releasing stress hormones and what better way than sharing a joke a two during the entire school day with the students.

We hope that you will make use of some of these really funny and witty jokes and create a happy and positive learning atmosphere in your class!

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